Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ammo Purchases As The End of the Mayan Calendar Draws Nearer....

...and so too the end of the world but my bet is that while they are both drawing closer they will still be separated by eons if not longer. Of course, i could be wrong. The end of Mayan figuring as to what day tomorrow will be could actually signify the end of the world as we know it. Who know, maybe we will wake up on December 21st, the last day on their calendar, to find that zombies are eating our neighbors or that God has descended from heaven to raise the dead and select the chosen to accompany him to heaven and leave the rest here to suffer untold tortures, or maybe an asteroid will collide with our planet causing a 5 year winter or maybe WW III will commence with nuclear bombardment or maybe aliens, from outer space, will try to conquer or destroy us.

To me, it would mostly be just another day. I am ready for all of them except maybe God calling in all bets and even if that happens I am fighting back if I get the chance. Seriously though, if I worried about all those possibilities enough, I would be ready for any of them. Maybe that is why I have emergency supplies on hand and then again maybe those supplies are just for natural disasters like the recent big storms that hit NY and other nearby states.  The thing is though, if there is even a remote possibility that TEOTWAWKI is upon us, it sure would not hurt to those supplies just in case. Along those lines, I just ordered 250 rounds of .45 Auto ammo since one never knows when one might need it.

Anyone else out there find the end of the Mayan Calendar a good excuse to buy guns and/or ammo?

All the best,
Glenn  B