Thursday, October 11, 2018

I Wish The Post Office Would Get Serious...

...and raise the price of first class postage for a letter to a buck and raise all the others rates accordingly. Maybe then they would actually start making some money for the government instead of hemorrhaging it. Their proposed price increase for a first class letter from 50 cents to 55 cents is laughable considering they are virtually always in the red.

More here (at 1:18 of the video.

As for me, I had no clue they were already at 50 cents per letter. Last time I bought stamps, I got a year or two's worth of those forever stamps and my wife has bought any we have needed since then.

All the best,
Glenn B

Luckily One Man Disregarded Startbucks Firearms Policy...

...and concealed carried at one in Utah. It was into that Starbucks that a man reportedly identified as Benjamin Scott Overall burst onto the scene and allegedly started to attack a Starbucks barista. After reportedly beating her savagely, Overall allegedly "aggressively" turned on a male customer in his 60s who had just witnessed the attack on the barista. The man, evidently fearing for his own safety and believing that Overall was about to attack him, drew a concealed handgun (for which he had a permit) and shot Overall in the chest.

Oddly enough, after the attack, the barista was actually thankful that the man was armed, was in Starbucks and shot the suspect. Imagine that - from a Starbucks employee!

More at the source.

Hooray for the good guy and for him being a good shot.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sold The Voere In 22LR

Collecting guns and shooting them can be a very expensive hobby. One thing that helps mitigate some of the cots is selling off some of the guns in one's collection to buy others. I picked up a Voere 22 caliber rifle last year, refinished its stock earlier this year and just sold it in an online auction.

I picked it up for a song and sold it at a price considerably more tha what I had paid for it. No seller's remorse involved there, just seller's joy. Now, I wont feel guilty at the auction this coming Saturday should I buy something else.

All the best,
Glenn B