Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

 ...how to pronounce Omicron:

I posted that because there seems to be a lot of different pronunciations used by the so called intellectuals in this country - how did Biden say it:

Of course, if you do not care ho to pronounce it then you may have more fun watching the below video. It has nothing to do with pronouncing Omicron but it does show a chimp that is probably smarter than many people (definitely more than those in this video and maybe smarter than Joe Omnicron Biden). You can bet the chimp does now care how to pronounce Omicron but what he does seem to care about is showing humans he is a quick learner and knows how to take charge of a situation immediately and completely. That's something Joe Biden needs to learn more than a little bit about, I suppose he could take lessons from that chimp! I love the chimp's victory stance & walk at the end:

All the best,
Glenn B