Sunday, January 11, 2015

Where In The World Is President Obama?

As far as I am aware, he is in Washington, DC but he could be just about anywhere. I can tell you, with a good mount of certainty where he is not though. He is not with the 40-50 other world leaders and tens to hundreds of thousands of demonstrators (source, source 2) who have unified to protest the terrorist slayings in France. While they are there in solidarity, marching in opposition to terrorism and in memory of the 17 innocents slain by Muslim terrorists, the Cowardly Lion Obama is safe and sound surrounded by Secret Service Agents maybe either in hiding or snubbing the rest of the world.

Maybe he is out for a bike ride on the White House lawn wearing his dork's helmet on his sissy bike (did they edit out the training wheels), maybe he is walking in the rain not knowing how to get his umbrella around an obstacle (God forbid a raindrop hit him), maybe he is out playing a contact sport (contact only in as much as his clubs contact a golf ball) or maybe he is merely being the arrogant standoffish snob that he is at most times (except when he is bowing to world leaders and apologizing for America). Of course, we may never know what he is or was doing today as his schedule for today reads like this:

"No public schedule." (I added the boldface.) (Source - make sure you key in the correct date if you view it on a day other than today January 11, 2015.)

President Obama certainly is not marching in unity with the world leaders who have come together in Paris to make a strong statement that they stand against terrorism. Just as he truly does not work in unity with Congress, he has evidently has refused to work together with the leaders of the civilized world at defeating Islamic terrorism and has snubbed them just as he does our own elected officials in the House and the Senate. He is, without a doubt in my mind, the worst president in my lifetime and Jimmy Carter now can be proud of his own presidency as compared to Obama's.

All the best,
Glenn B