Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's Not Like There Hasn't Been Anything To Blog About...

...but obviously I have not blogged since Saturday last. To tell the truth, I have been involved down here in West Palm Beach, FL with my uncle and making sure he is feeling okay - so how the fuck can you blame me for not blogging; I certainly cannot blame myself.

As it turns out, he is feeling somewhat better. The latest news from one of his docs (actually a physician's assistant) is that THEY AGREE WITH HIM SOMEWHAT that his current maladies may have been caused by either one of two (or both) medications he was prescribed shortly before he became gravely ill. He stopped taking one a few days ago and stopped the other today and has been feeling somewhat, though far from totally, better ever since.

He has to make an appointment to see his cardiologist as soon as possible and maybe that doc will have brass balls large and metallic enough to admit to him if it was the meds that got him so ill. I checked the meds online with the National Institute of Health and according to that website each of the two meds, that he was prescribed just a few days before he got deathly ill, can cause most of the symptoms he has been having. Heaven knows what both combined could do to a body. Hopefully it will have been the meds, and nothing else, that put him pretty much on death's doorstep and now that he has stopped them he will continue to improve. Time, and maybe his cardiologist (since they were both heart meds) will tell.

Who knows, within another day or two, we may be able to actually go out and have some fun together - like fishing off the pier at Juno Beach. It might even be possible that this time, as opposed to in times past, we may actually catch something we can keep other than baitfish! If that's not possible, and he is still feeling like bat piss running down a rat's nose on a bitter cold day in Pocatello, I guess we won't go fishing. Still though, I plan to take my favorite cousin out for dinner on Thursday night. I also hopefully will visit with a couple of other friends I have down this way over the next few days - if time permits - and then visit my other favorite cousin (dragging my uncle along) on Saturday. Of course, that all depends on how my uncle is feeling - his welfare is my primary and overriding concern. I am supposed to return home on Monday but that all depends on how well he is feeling by then and whether or not I can afford changing my flight if need be.

Maybe some more blogging tomorrow.

All the best,
Glenn B