Saturday, September 6, 2014

His Captor Was A Frenchman... much as the guy in the following picture was in reality a Frenchman:

This guy is probably more of a real Frenchman
than any Muslim currently living in France.
So, it is being reported that: "A French journalist supposedly a captive of Muslim Extremists, for several months in Syria, but who was freed last April reportedly has identified one of his captors as a Frenchman - Mehdi Nemmouche. He is also a suspect in the murders of four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum earlier this year. Right now, Nemmouche is in custody for those killings, which took place in May, after the journalist's release (source).

Note that even though held captive for months, the journalist reportedly was quoted as saying the man who held him captive and tortured him was a Frenchman. The media readily reports the suspect as such without even one tiny hint of a mention, in the linked article, that the guy is a Muslim who is an Islamist extremist or that he is a terrorist or at least a suspected terrorist.

Whom are they trying to appease by hiding that? Is it President Obama who runs along that same line. Is it the terrorists themselves. Or, is it the real French People, those whose ancestors have lived in France for millennia and who really are Frenchmen or Frenchwomen. Just because someone is born in France does not a Frenchman make him, even if French citizenship is bestowed upon someone born within the borders of France. What that makes them a is a citizen and nothing more. That a French citizen is not necessarily a Frenchman should be obvious from the loyalties and actions of those like the 'French' Muslim who allegedly kidnapped, kept captive and tortured the journalist. 

So, if it is the French people that the media is trying to appease, how would it appease them by telling them that the terrorist is a Frenchman. Well, it is a way to keep the true French from joining in mass and coming down on France's Muslim population like a cleansing tidal wave full of fury and violence. If you call the responsible people what they truly are - Muslims and terrorists, then the French might realize they are a separate group within France that does not have any French interests at heart and the French may retaliate in mass. However, if you call them Frenchmen, then the French may well hold off waiting for the authorities to handle them as they would other Frenchmen because one usually feels some sort of solidarity for their own, even if their own has committed a heinous act. The thing is, Islamic Extremists should not be handled like every other Frenchman because they are not Frenchmen. They have made that obvious in France with their racism geared toward the true French, their self chose path of segregation from the French, their insistence on their own laws over the laws of France and by repeated acts of violence against the French. Sooner or later the French will realize they have had the French flag pulled over their eyes  by the Muslims, the leftists and the politicians they have manipulated. Once they pull it away and open their eyes again, the Muslim population in France will be in imminent and mortal peril unless it radically changes its tune. Of course, if the French don't pull that flag away soon, they are doomed to become subservient Islam. They are on the edge and what they do in the relatively near future will tell.

All the best,
Glenn B