Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Stinks Too

The it that stinks would be life in New York state; and as far as I am concerned it is all because of arsehat politicians like Charles Schumer (aka: Scummer). For a typical example of how this, in my opinion, charlatan operates as a senator - go to read a blog by the Angry Patriot here.

All the best,
Glenn B

It Stinks...

...yes it does - big time too. My insomnia is really getting to me tonight - making me uncomfortable, tired and edgy. I must say I have not suffered from its nerve biting grip lately all that much - but tonight/this morning is a bad one. Too late/early to take a sleeping pill, I need to be up and at em by 8, but maybe I ought to try to get at least 40 winks before too long.


Centerfire Systems

I am impressed so far by Centerfire Systems. I placed an order with them today and within an hour of placing the order received the UPS tracking number which meant they had told UPS my package was ready for pickup. A few moments ago, in the middle of a fit of relentless insomnia (what do you think I am doing up at 2:29 AM) I checked the tracking number and the package is already in transit on its way to me. What did I order? I ordered a case (1,000 rounds) of Wolf 7.62x39 122 grain JHP ammunition. In my last post I promised I would do just that if they had it in stock - and yes they had it in stock - they said they had exactly one case remaining - that is until I ordered it.

I have ordered from them before, but I don't think I ordered any ammo from them. I was not all that pleased with my last order but through no fault of Centerfire Systems, it was the product requiring tooling/fitting that unsettled me a bit. If I remember right, Centerfire Systems shipped promptly back then too. If I had to fault them for anything it would be that they did not advertise that the scope/scope mount kit, for an SKS, that I bought from them back then required metal fitting. I am not faulting them though, I should have realized it would be required. As it is right now though, I am quite happy with them. I will be happier yet when the box arrives and it contains what I ordered in good condition.

When the case of ammo does arrive, my guess is that it will put us at about three or 4 thousand rounds of this ammo on hand. That should be it for ordering any more of it for awhile - unless of course it goes down in price again by a considerable amount. Something tells me though that it is never returning to the approximate $175 (plus shipping of about $19) per case that it was about a year and a half to two years ago. Then again while I hope it does return to those lower prices I also hope it never again comes close to the price that it was listed on several months ago when it was advertised at $399 and change for a case of Wolf Military Classic. I got this case for $249.99 shipped. A considerable savings over prices on the same stuff as currently offered by other online retailers, much less than I could get it at a gun shop, and much - much - much less than it would have been in about January 2009.

All the best,
Glenn B