Thursday, September 29, 2016

Scored Some 22 Short

Despite my somewhat poor experience at Gander Mountain in Palm Gardens I decided to go back yet a third time. The reason for my return there was to buy some more 22 Short ammo. They had plenty on my first two visits and while I had picked up two boxes of  it, I figured it wasn't a bad idea to get some more. 

When I got there they had only five boxes, of 100 round each, left on the shelves. I took them all and now have a total of seven boxes or 700 rounds. I was lucky too because it was on sale for about a buck per box less than the marked price.

So why buy 22 Short when I don't own any firearms specifically chambered just for it? Well, I do own at least two rifles chambered in 22 rimfire that will take 22 Short, Long and Long Rifle, so I may shoot some of it through them. Even though that is unlikely I still wanted the ammo. It has been so hard to get that it may make a good trading commodity or make me a small profit if I decide to sell it. Even if it reappears in abundance on store shelves, I can always shoot it through those rifles.

All the best,
Glenn B