Friday, November 12, 2010

Soldiers' Holiday Care Packages 2 And 3 Are In The Mail

As it turned out, I could not fit all the items shown in the post below into one box at the post office today so I sent it all in two packages. One box contained just the cigars and the other box contained everything else listed in the previous post. Of course, that set me back almost double what it would have in postage had I just bought another box but then I would have had to pay for a bigger box and would not have gotten flat rate postage. I probably would have saved something doing it that way but I was pretty flustered after some nasty bitch customer at the post office gave me a face full of grief because I actually had my two boxes on the counter top in order to pack them and then write out the labels, customs declarations, delivery confirmation and insurance forms. We had a little verbal confrontation and I then ignored her but my boiling point already had been reached and I was not thinking straight about the boxes. Besides that, I was on my way upstate to scope out a hunting spot, and was already running a few hours late, and did not need to be there longer by having to wait on line to buy a box and only then be able to pack the stuff. I just grabbed the flat rate boxes, stuffed the things into them, made sure they were well padded and taped em up, mailed em out and was on my way.

Hopefully these will arrive within the next few days and hopefully my assigned soldier will acknowledge that he received them. This time I used delivery confirmation so even if he does not contact me, I should find out if they were delivered.
Thanks again to all who have contributed so far.

All the best,
Glenn B