Sunday, November 29, 2015

My Christmas Wish List - Just In Case Anyone Is Feeling Extra Generous

Who knows, maybe there is a Faerie Godmother, and Easter Bunny, A Great Pumpkin and a Santa Claus. Heck, there may even be some rich person out there looking to give someone, like me, one or more nice Christmas present(s) just for the asking. So here is my Christmas Present Wish List and yes I am asking: Please, if you are so inclined, then won't you please give me at least one of these gifts this Christmas?

2016 Toyota Corolla, any color except black, preferably one with a manual transmission but automatic will do

Barrett Model 98B black, in either .308 Win or .338 Lapua Magnum caliber, with two extra magazines and 1,000 rounds of ammunition.

Henry Small Game Lever Action Rifle, in .22 WMR (aka: 22 Magnum), available here.

Hornady LeveRevolution 35 Remington Ammo, 200 Grain, Flex Tip eXpanding, 500 rounds, factory fresh (no reloads please).

Alaska Hunting & Fishing Trip, an all expense paid hunting trip for one week for two people in Alaska.

Bear Hunt In Maine, an all expense paid one week hunting & fishing trip to Maine, for two.

Glock Model 19 Pistol, with 4 additional 10 round magazines (legally limited to 10 round mags in NY).

From the more frugal minded:

Taclite Pro Pants, black, size 36x30.

Silica Gel Dehumidifier (desiccant).

Zum Stammtisch Restaurant gift certificate.

One can dream, can't one!

All the best,
Glenn B


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Obama Can Blame This On Bush Too...

...but he only has himself to blame for me doubting which side he is on. In fact, I am beginning to lose any doubt that Obama is not on our side at all and that he would prefer a caliphate in place of our present form of government. His comparison of Muslims to the Pilgrims was so far out in left field as to have removed almost any doubt from my mind that he is one of them. His wishes for gun control make me think he would see us unarmed so his buddies can conquer us. Hi s rhetoric and actions, after police shootings of thugs among other things, indicate to me he is given to racism. I think everything about him reeks of him being a servant of allah, a racist, an anti-Constitutional, anti-American, usurper of our rights and liberties.

While I often thought Bush a well meaning patriot who was sometimes a fool, I see Obama as the personification of anti-American idealism and tyranny.

All the best,
Glenn B

On Thinking and Government

All the best,

A Definition Of Humping It I Never Imagined

It's an image of 'humping it' that never before came to my mind but she sure looks happy doing it and who wouldn't be!

All the best,

Me And My Big Mouth - One Of Those Whoops Moments

There I was, just a minute ago as I type, calling a local pet shop to see if they would be hosting a vet care clinic today; one of our dogs needs rabies shots. The guy who answered did so on speaker phone. He was obviously far from the speaker when talking and it sounded like he had a mouthful of something. I made my inquiry and he put me on hold and I did exactly what my son tells me I have to stop doing - thinking out loud - and I said "it sounds like he's got a mouthful of co--". I realized what I said and that hell - we were still on speaker phone - and I blurted out "yeah, a lot of cotton". When he got back on the phone it was obvious he was not pleased but at least he did not think out loud what he was thinking. Oh well...I would have deserved it if he had thought out loud and let me have it.

Later 4 U,

Thursday, November 26, 2015

I Am Willing To Bet It Would Have Been Different Had It Been Police Here...

...who responded to this domestic violence call. I can envision at the very least, an apartment door busted in, cops in military gear making entry with guns drawn and knocking the guy on his arse or shooting him with a TASER and then cuffing him before ripping up the apartment while searching it for a victim. Then, almost without a doubt, he would be arrested for some type of contraband they just happened to come across while searching for the body. Oh yeah, if he had a dog, it probably would have been shot.

I am not saying that would happen with every police department that might respond to such a call in the US, not even with most of them, but let's face it there sure is a good possibility it would happen that way with way too many of them. Of course, the apartment dweller would become an overnight millionaire too.

All the best,
Glenn B

Hope You All had A Happy Thanksgiving

Hope all of my readers had a happy Thanksgiving no matter your religious beliefs or lack of them. On Thanksgiving you can be thankful to God, to Nature, to your families and friends for whatever you have had in life that you appreciate. I have a lot for which to be thankful, especially for my family.

All the best,
Glenn B

Advantage To The Knife Holder At 7 Yards?

All other things being equal, at 7 yards distance (a mere 21 feet) if someone confronting you is holding a knife and you have a holstered gun, and there is no cover available, I believe that the person with the knife almost always has the advantage over you as to who can wound the other first. You may not believe that but I do because I have been trained time and time again that such is the case. In fact, in later years of my continued tactical firearms
training, my instructors increased the distance to 30 feet (10 yards) although that was slightly controversial. You also may not want to believe it but the 21 foot rule also sometimes (note I did not say always) applies when you have your firearm, in hand, in the ready position. Even if your assailant does not have an advantage if you already have your weapon out at the ready, at a mere 7 yards, the odds are still not in your favor by much, if at all, and it is more likely that the best you can hope for is a tie. A tie when facing life threatening force is not good odds for you or the other guy.

If anyone doubts it, then I invite them to face me with a gun while I hold a knife and am only 21 feet from them. Of course I am talking about training devices incapable of doing harm, I would not train for that scenario with a real knife or gun capable of firing live ammunition other than Simunition. I mean it too, I will gladly prove my point by facing anyone, even a much younger person than me, to see if they can effectively draw and fire to stop me with a gun before I can get them with a knife from that distance. Sure, someone might be able to do it but most of you will not, that even considering my 60 year old very stiff and aching joints.

How do I know this? Is it because of all the classroom verbal instruction I have received or is it because I have seen numerous training videos on the subject? Well, it is a bit of both but has more to do with actual live training for such situations. It's easy to test the rule just as we did when I was being trained for it or when I was training others about it. Just stand there with a training firearm. Make absolutely sure it is a training gun that is totally incapable of firing live ammunition - a non-firing rubber gun or a cap gun are good devices to use or if you want something more realistic a Simunitions firing gun (fires non-life threatening paint filled plastic projectiles that can leave quite the bruise) is great but does require proper protective gear be worn.  Have someone else stand 21 feet from you armed with a training knife (made from rubber, no sharp edges and blunt tip). Both of you should be in the open with no cover with 21 feet of you. Then, at your opponents will, he should attack you as rapidly as possible (using only a rubber training knife or something else that cannot cut of inflict harm) and you should attempt to draw and fire BUT only when you realize you are being attacked. See who wins. My bet is on the knife wielding assailant. Then try it with your training gun out and at the ready.

You don't even need training-weapons to do this; you can point your hand and say bang and your opponent can use a hand in place of a training knife. Of course, it is much more realistic if you use professionally made training weapons (meaning a gun that cannot possibly fire live ammunition and a rubber knife that cannot cut or stab and you should wear eye protection at the minimum. Note that I cannot stress this enough: NEVER USE A REAL WEAPON TO TRY THIS!

So, what brings this up today. It was a Fox News report, of a day or two ago, in which Greta Vanwhatever, and two other Fox News types, were talking about this shooting and repeatedly saying that the guy who was shot, at a distance of 10 feet (according to them), never posed a threat to the officer who shot him because of the distance between them. When it comes to a knife versus a gun, they don't know squat. Now please mind your manners and pay attention to what I am about to say:

If the police were responding to a report of a suspect who had just punctured a tire on a car with a knife (as I first saw reported) and if, as police approached him, the guy had a knife in his hand and he was acting odd or was not complying with police orders to stop or to drop the knife, and if he was only 10 feet (just over 3 yards) from the officer, then in fact, the officer well could have had reasonable cause (even probable cause) to believe the guy posed a deadly threat to the officer and thus the officer would have been justified to use deadly force to stop the threat.

Now don't start saying I am some sort of Nazi or racist or that I am always pro-police and anti-citizen just because you may disagree. Please note, I did not say that I think he officer should not have been charged with murder or at least manslaughter. I am only saying he possibly was justified to use deadly force to stop the threat. I did not say he should have used excessive force. In fact, I do think, from what I have read and seen so far, that he used excessive force and that his arrest was fully justified and that he should stand trial for either manslaughter or murder (whichever is appropriate under state law). In my opinion, based on what little I know now, him firing as many times as he did, seemingly was not justified.

If you are in LE, don't start calling me a cop hater either. I was in LE for over 32 years and worked well with many officers from many departments. I will tell you this though, I hated it when any of my brother or sister agents or officers abused their authority especially regarding use of excessive force and I reported it more than once. I can proudly say that in all of that time, I never used excessive force and never had even a single official complaint made against me by anyone for use of excessive force (or as far as I recall for anything for that matter). That is not because I never arrested anyone, I literally made thousands of arrests (most during the 4 short years I spent in the U.S. Border Patrol) and many of those arrests included violent encounters started by the dirtbags being detained.

In another LE position, here in NY, I shot someone once, while I was off duty. He and an accomplice tried to rob me. I was found fully justified. All it took was two shots to stop the threat of both assailants (that was two shots total, not two shots at each criminal). One hit the closest assailant and the other hit the windshield of their car just where the other guy's head was at as he tried to get out of the car while holding a revolver in one hand. I am not saying that multiple shots at a single assailant are never required, nor am I saying that that many shots are never necessary to stop a threat to your life. It all depends on the situation in which you find yourself; however sometimes all it takes is a minimal amount of shots and THAT IS ALL IT IS EVER SUPPOSED TO TAKE. You shoot until the threat has been stopped. You, as the defender who is shooting needs to know when the threat has been terminated and you must use reasoning to do so. However, if you watch the video and carefully review what was happening, I think you too will come away with the belief that the officer used excessive force by firing as many times as he did, or in other words well beyond the time when the suspect gave the officer a reasonable belief that he was faced with imminent death or serious bodily harm. That is, I think you will arrive at that conclusion if you are being perfectly honest and objective while considering your 'shoot - don't shoot' training and the legalities of using deadly force. That thought is not my main point, whether or not that officer reasonably believed his life was in danger throughout every shot he fired (and then as he was about to reload) is only secondary to this discussion.

My main point is that an edged weapon holding assailant who is 21 feet away from you, let alone the10 feet reported in this case, can hurt you before you can draw and fire if he wants to do so and gives it his best try, sometimes even if you already have gun in hand. As a gun owner, who carries for self-defense, you should know that. Don't believe me though, because I make the disclaimer that such is my opinion based upon my own training and experience and is not advice for you. My advice to you though is to make sure to check it out in tactical firearms training materials to see what they say about it. Then train for the situation so you know what to do I ever confronted by a knife wielding assailant. I will mention some of the very basics before closing. Remember these points - they may help save your life:  

An assailant with a knife, when both of you are in the open, often can easily reach you from within a 21 foot distance before you can draw and fire a handgun if all other things are equal.

In such an encounter, distance is your friend.

Safe retreat, when it is an option, if confronted by a blade yielding assailant is often a good option.

Cover between you and your assailant is a good thing, it can make it harder for your assailant to reach you.

Training, more training and lots of practice often can result, not only in your survival but, in you winning by you stopping the threat before it harms you.

All the best,
Glenn B


I Have Not Blogged For Most of The Week, So... is a rundown of my week:

Saturday and Sunday, I went hunting. Hunted a new area on Saturday about 80 miles further west than the one I most frequently hunt. I didn't see hide nor hair of a deer although there was a decent amount of deer sign including buck sign such as scrapes and rubs. A bunch of hunters around me took way to many shots to allow me to think they actually hit anything. One guy, I am guessing he was one of three hunters of a group I saw who went into the woods near me, fired a shot that was followed by another after a brief pause and those were followed by three more in rapid succession. I hunkered down hoping none were coming my way. Later, another four or five shots in rapid succession from what sounded like the same gun coming from the same direction. Then three shots, fired quickly, from another gun from same direction and about the same distance from the sound of them. Then a shot or two. Both of those last from different guns. Then even later another five shots from a gun sounding the same as the first, again in rapid fire. I guess they saw some deer but as I suspected they did not bag even one. I saw them driving away empty handed.

Sunday, I went to the old spot. I did not have a deer management permit there (doe permit). I figured I could scout it for next weekend or the one after. I thought I saw another hunter in the woods since I saw a lot of blaze orange, then lost him. Moments later, a doe burst out from behind a deadfall and trotted right toward where I saw the hunter. She presented a broadside running shot but I did not take it, one because I did not have a doe permit and two because I thought someone else was in the line of fire. I got behind the biggest tree near me expecting to hear the other guy blasting away in my direction. No shots wen off. I later found that the hunter I saw had been tapped around a tree that someone had possibly used as a stand. I guess I am happy I played it safe by not shooting when someone else may have been there and by not putting myself into a position to be arrested for bagging a doe without a permit. My son has a permit for the area but he never showed up, said he was too tired to drive after work on Friday! Hopefully I will get his arse into the woods before the season ends. We have three more weekends including this one for the rifle season.

After that it was back to the grind. Been working kind of full time, filling in a slot, while my employer looks for someone to fill a full time position.

Last night, I went shopping for some baking needs, probably will bake a pie or two for dessert today. Going to my daughter's house for dinner later, that is if I am feeling up to it (right now my joints are killing me, I almost am thinking I have Lyme again). I also picked up a little something special while at the supermarket last night, a 2.5 pound crustacean for an after dinner snack. I can tell you this, it was absolutely delicious. Sort of a Thanksgiving eve celebration.

This beast weighed in at 2.25 pounds.
Nope, I didn't shoot it with the 45, the pistol is there to give you an idea of my dinner's size. And yes, it cost an arm and a leg (and it might once have been able to remove one of either, or at least a finger, with that right claw) but sometimes you just have to treat yourself nicely and say a definitive and final no to any more of the leftovers that are waiting for you in your fridge!

Happy Thanksgiving.

All the best,
Glenn B


Saturday, November 21, 2015

I Would Lirterally Sell My Soul... get (as in shoot dead while hunting) a 14 point buck - or get a 19 year old (you thought I meant babe but I meant a bottle of Scotch) tomorrow. Who am I kidding, I gave up my soul decades ago for less than either of those. It was something about me being willing to give up my soul for a women willing to marry me. Then, I went to hell. Oh well, now I hunt.

All the worst,

Friday, November 20, 2015

I Am Convinced, Obama...

...also known as our president, the NIC (nincompoop in charge), asshole in the White House, tyrannt, worst president ever and possibly as a traitor extraordinaire is either a Muslim Extremist or sympathizes 100 percent with them and their goals. A look at this:
will explain my current reasoning as to my belief that he is out not to fundamentally change America but to destroy us.

All the best,

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Leaving For The NY Woods Soon

Should be departing the old homestead and headed to upstate NY within a few hours at most to go  hunting. If lucky, I will be able to assemble and sight in my new Barnett jackal crossbow before tomorrow (although I doubt I will have the time but sure would like to get it done) so I can get a day of hunting in with it before rifle season opens on Saturday. If not, I'll have the Marlin 336 and Remington 870 with me anyway. Brendan will join me sometime tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the hunt. Hopefully, this year, we will get a deer or two or maybe a bear. It would be nice to get a deer that is racked! Then again, if we don't bag a nice racked buck, it might be nice to run into a hunter in the woods who is dressed in camo and racked like this:

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Went To The Range Last Night... long last, to make sure that the scope on the Marlin 336 was still on target and that both Brendan and I were still adept with the 336 and with the Remington 870. Brendan shot the 870 first. He shot standing, bent over and supported by the bench from 30 yards (this was at our local indoor range and all shooting was done from that distance. I am figuring his group size for 5 shots was the size of my open hand. Not great but good enough by far for deer out to 50 yards (and I doubt we will get a shot at that distance). I shot the 870 too but from a standing, unsupported, position. I had five shots in a group smaller than my fist and was quite happy with that. We shot several more rounds each with the shotgun and then switched to the Marlin 336. It as last zeroed for 50 yards and thus is usually about 1.5 to 3 inches low at 30 yards depending on the ammo. I again shot from a standing, unsupported position. I fired three rounds and had two touching and the other about an inch away from them. Brendan's first group had two shots almost touching and another flier off a few inches to the right but on level vertically with the other two shots. We shot a few more rounds each of that and both of us are satisfied we are ready as we will be for a deer if we see one within range.  Within range will probably be 75 yards at the most, with shots more likely at about 25 to 50 yards, since we are hunting slightly to very hilly areas of fairly heavy woods. Thus I felt alright only going to the 30 yard indoor range to assure the 336's scope was still zeroed in. Believe me, I would rather have sighted in at 50 or 100 yards and I tried to find an outdoor range open to the public this past weekend during my scouting trip but had no luck.

We probably only shot for 30 to 45 minutes and then called it quits. Maybe we fired twenty-five to thirty12 gauge slugs and twenty to thirty rounds of .35 Remington between us. No need to waste ammo with today's high ammo prices and with ammo shortages a very real possibility at any time again. As a matter of fact, I was unable to find .35 Remington (for our 336) 200 grain, soft point ammo, at several sporting and gun stores I visited last weekend. Since then, I also checked a few online dealers from whom I purchase ammo on a fairly regular basis and they all showed they were out of stock of it or that they had only something, like the Hornady flex tip ammo that so far I have refused to use (but may have to stock up on soon because it is just about the only 200 grain .35 Rem out there). Ammunition manufacturers have pretty much opted to just forget about producing .35 Remington ammo during the current ammo crunch. Hopefully as things keep improving, .35 Rem will be produced in much greater quantities soon (and maybe the price will even come down a bit from its current prohibitively high costs for what little of it is available). Oh well, I think I have about 400 rounds of it now.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's A Nice Sentiment But...

...why work for it if you can get it for free (more or less). See my blog post immediately preceding this one about how to get yourself 2 free boxes of Magtech 9mm ammo by becoming an Ammo Ambassador through
All the best,
Glenn B

Become An Ammo Ambassador And You Can Get Free Ammo

This evening, I received an email from Brandon Black of It was not a mass mailing although they may have sent out similar emails to the masses of RKBA defenders. I know mine was not included in a mass mailing since he asked how my trip to upstate NY had gone. He must read my blog (and that comes as a surprise to me).

Anyway, the folks at have teamed up with the folks at Magtech and they are giving away 100,000 rounds (2,000 boxes) of what is essentially free ammunition at the rate of two boxes per Ammo Ambassador. Of course, that word 'essentially' I just used means there is a catch of sorts. In order to get the ammo, you have to do something. That something is rather admirable in my estimation. What you need follows and please note this is my summary of what they require and I am in no way guaranteeing you will qualify to get the ammo, I have nothing to do with that, I am just providing you a heads up about the program.

What you need to do is to print a copy of the target that they provide via a link, take a person to the range who has never shot a gun before, introduce that person to shooting (safely - my emphasis on safely but I am sure they feel likewise), have that person shoot at the provided target and then send a photo of the new shooter with the target to them along with a submission form that they require. The submission form requires you to enter a short narrative of the story behind the photo. If your entry is accepted, they will send you a coupon code for the free ammo with free shipping! The link to their page that cover all this is below, moreinformation there:  

Note that I do not know if there is a limit on how many free boxes of ammo you can get. I am guessing it is limited to 100 rounds per Ammo Ambassador but that is just my guess.

As for me, now all I have to do is scrounge up someone who has never fired a gun and drag that person to the range to get this done.

All the best,
Glenn B.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Luck Some People Have

My son and I both put in for Deer Management Permits (Doe Permits) in the Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) in which my uncle used to own his farm. We were both denied and got preference points for next year. We were both selected for our second preference, about 80 miles further from home, each in the same WMU. I have scouted out the area and saw some good sign of deer but did not see any deer there. We have never hunted in this WMU before so it will be a challenge; then again he has never gotten a deer so maybe it will bring luck.

I had hotel reservations in Binghamton, much closer to where my uncle had is farm but just cancelled them in favor of going to an Econ Lodge in Painted Post, NY much closer to the new WMU wherein we got out doe permits this year. I stayed there this past weekend, it was a nice motel with excellent service and a great price. I made reservations for this coming weekend for our hunt.

Today my son received a letter from NY State Department of Environmental Conservation saying they did not fill the permit quota in the WMU in which was located my uncle's farm back in the day. Because of not filling the quota, they decided to randomly draw hunters, from among those who initially were denied doe permits there, to fill the quota. My son was a winner and with the letter, they sent him a doe permit for the area. He has the lion's share of luck as compared to me, I did not get another permit issued.

Anyway, I would rather hunt there because we know the lay of the land but we already have the reservations at the other new place and I just cancelled the reservations nearer the old hunting grounds for which he just got the extra permit. I was using points for that reservation and it was going to run me 40K in points for a two night stay; however, since I first made the reservations they upped the required points and if I make a new reservation I will not have enough points! So, I am figuring we go to the new place at the other hotel where I have reservations at a very good price, we hunt there and if we bag a couple of deer great. If we wind up skunked, we can always go back to our old hunting ground and try with that additional doe permit there, either on the last day of opening weekend or at a later date before the season closes or both.

By the way, I asked my son if he lost his preference points for a doe permit next year because they gave him that additional permit. He just handed me the letter to read myself. As I said, he has the luck - he gets to keep the preference points which should just about assure he gets another do permit where we want it next year.

I just hope he has as much luck hunting this year.

All the best,

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Not Only Did The Dipshit Say ISIS Was Contained...

...he said it on the same day that we, among other nations, received a warning from Iraq of an imminent set of attacks on coalition countries by ISIS, including France. See this.

All the best,
Glenn B

Eye Protection

Imagine shooting that thing and leaving your eye protection up atop your head, not to mention your ears!

All the best,

I Would Not Vote For Jeb Bush...

...if he were the last candidate on earth that was not a democrat. In fact, if he was, I might actually consider voting for the likes of Clinton or Sanders to assure he did not get in to the White House.

See this.

All the best,

I Had The Displeasure Of Eating A Pepperoni Pizza...

...that I bought at a Walmart this weekend. What can I say, I was really hungry and didn't feel up to looking for a restaurant, so I grabbed what the sign said was a fresh baked pepperoni pizza for only $5. Here is my opinion of that pizza: The crust was the most un-pizza like crust I have ever eaten. I think it was more akin to crumbly almost tasteless soda bread. My guess is that it was flour and water and little else except maybe baking soda or powder. The sauce tasted like something out of a can, and I would guess a very old and dented can of something that may have been stashed away in a fallout shelter back in the early sixties. The pepperoni slices seemed to me more like thinly sliced cardboard, flavored like pepperoni, that actually being pepperoni. The cheese, that may have been the best part if only because it was hard to tell exactly what it tasted like through the sauce and pepperoni and crust.

In my estimation, that pizza was not even fit for the prisoners at Gitmo and I would think they deserve little more than rancid swill. Of course, I am not trying to make up your mind for you in any way, shape or form by telling you all this, I am merely expressing my estimation of what I believe was the most terrible tasting pizza I have ever put through my digestive system. In fact, I think it may have tasted better after passing through me. In the future, I plan to never try one again but you go right ahead and try one for yourself ands ee what you think of it. Who knows - you may think it the most tasty pizza ever!

All the best,

What I Find In The Woods

I was waling through woods of varied hardwoods, with a pine here and there, scouting for deer sign. It was a chilly November morning with a very light drizzle, really more a bit of a faint barely detectable haze leftover from the rains. As I walked along, I detected some scant deer sign here and there and could see I was coming up on what once surely must have been a  clearing. 

The spot pretty much looked like this in more or less a 40 yard diameter.
 I figured if there was going to be deer sign nearby, it would be there. It soon became obvious a deer trail or two led into that area. The spot was about 40 yards in diameter. As I continued on and scanned more slowly this time, I realized that a large object on the far side of the opening, that at first glance I dismissed as a stone, was something altogether different than what I had seen on first glance. I suppose that its thick blanket of vibrant green moss had me fooled for a second but then I focused on it and realized it was this:


Heaven help me when it comes to figuring out the motives of others for the tasks they undertake; sometimes you can never figure the why or how of them. This time though, I would hesitate a guess or two. Maybesomeone dragged or drove this car seat (or van seat) the half mile, at least, that it took them to get it there to use as a deer stand. Then again, judging by the errant beer cans I found here and there, maybe it was just used as a seat to sit and watch and listen to the woods while tossing back a few. Either way, that seat has been there for a few years based on the looks of it. It also looks as if someone may have taken the liberty to use it as a shotgun target, maybe shooting it from the backside. Of course, that hole in the center could have been due to rot, although it looks to clean to be rot and not one other part of it is rotted like that, or possibly due to a small creature pecking away at it for nesting material. My guess though is shotgun target or tiny critter. Whichever, it is fairly new damage judging by the lack of moss in the hole.

Surprisingly, there was not much deer sign in the area. I thought there would have been more but only some scant droppings here and there. No rubs, no scrapes, but yet a nice seat to use as a deer stand. Well, maybe there was more deer sign and it was a nice deer stand once upon a time. Now, it is more likely home to whatever small woodland creatures make it such.

The things I sometimes find in the woods amaze me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, November 13, 2015

An Urge To Visit A Mosque...

...came upon me out of the blue just now. Earlier, I read a report about Muslims attempting to burn churches and wipe out Christians, in Indonesia, on the orders of a Muslim cleric. Then, just a few minutes ago, I turned on the news and heard about the terror attacks in Paris, France.  All of a sudden, there I was with a hankering to attend a mosque during prayer services.

Oh well, I imagine it will pass but to tell the truth that seems the really sad part about it. It will pass though if only because I, like most of you, have morals. If I did not, if you did not, I think I or you would be in a crowded mosque tomorrow doing what now is almost unthinkable.

I would guess, sooner or later, someone will visit one and carnage will ensue. Once that happens the first time, morals or not, it will become easier for others to follow suit. In fact, it may be morality that drives us to it; I mean how long can we remain sheep who invite wolves among us to slaughter our own kind. It's coming, a  time we wake up and realize that Islam is the enemy. Whether that is right or wrong will not matter, what will matter is that these terror attacks cease . Yes, I am sure it will happen, it is just a marrer of when.

My thoughts are with they who lived through this and with the families of they who fell.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Road Trip

Heading upstate soon, by myself. Am in no hurry. I figure on doing a little deer scouting, some squirrel hunting and maybe some treasure hunting with my metal detector.

Cold rain expected where I am headed but such is life.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

She Has A Mosin Nagant...

...and seems quite happy about it. That's a very pretty smile, don't ya think!

All the best,
Glenn B

Modern Educayshun

The truly sad thing is that everything in this video is reflective of our current educational system. It is also very scary to think that it might only get worse if we keep allowing it to do so. Education should in no way, shape or form ever be run by federal or state governments, including so called educators employed by the government who are little more than leftist stooges. If it keeps going like this, there will soon be no one left to put into the box.

By the way, I immediately realized that the Asian was a rainbow lover (for the purpose of this video) among many of the other things he stated but never would have guessed, in a million years, that he couldn't tie his own shoelaces. Go figure!

The only thing that would have made this better would have been to have had a second footlocker on the floor of the classroom when the girl walks into the room. Anyway, one thing is for certain - if you ignore the condition of our edjumakation cyststem, it will end - as in an end to anyone with half a brain capable of doing any independent thinking at all or in other words - real education will be terminated if it has not been destroyed already.

A hat tip and my thanks to peter Q for sending me the video.

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Sooner Or Later, There'll Be Blood Coming From That Knuckle

The sooner or later painful and bloody thumb over thumb grip.
Usually, when I see a shooter at the range holding a pistol like this, I am kind enough to explain to them why they should not be holding a semi-automatic pistol with a grip like that. If they are lucky, I get to them before the bottom of the slide rips open the flesh on the knuckle of the thumb that is sitting atop the other thumb. All too many times, I have seen it too late and the damage has already been done. You can rest assured, that if a person, who has had a knuckle ripped open by a slide because of that thumb over thumb grip, has half a brain - they will never or rarely do it again because it usually hurts a lot.

It's a little more difficult to have the lesson sink in when just telling folks about it. I mean, sure some shooters listen to what I say and take it to heart and learn from my own personal bad experience. Yes, I learned the hard way by having the knuckle torn open - but just once. On the other hand, there are shooters who are a bit denser and no matter how many times you tell them not to do something - they do it anyway and repeatedly at that. That is, they do it repeatedly until bad shit happens to them. So, even though I have caught many folks in time (before they got their knuckle ripped open) and warned them not to use that thumb over thumb grip, they wind up reverting to it again sooner or later and thus, sooner or later, they wind up having the slide rip their knuckle open and learn the hard way. Then again, even some of them do not learn from that painful experience and go back to that grip again and again. After a number of such warnings from me, that fall on deaf ears, I usually just give up. If they want to bleed, let them bleed - after all, maybe they like pain.

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Walking Dead - Will Someone Like This Wind Up On The Bus With Rick... save his arse in tonight's episode. One can only hope so as I imagine so would Rick!

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A New Blog Added To The Roll

A Man, a Dog and a Gun @: (If you read my blog, how can you not like a blog with a name like that?)

That is all,

Today In History - It Was A Very Lucky Day For Carol DaRonch....

...and also a day that provided law enforcement with information they needed to help apprehend a heinous serial killer. On November 8, 1974, 18 year old Carol DaRonch was approached by a man claiming to be a police officer. He told her there had been an attempt to steal her car. She accompanied him into the parking lot of a Murray City mall where she had been shopping and got into that man's car. Suddenly, the man placed handcuffs onto her (reportedly both wound up on the same wrist as she struggled with him) and tried to beat her with a crowbar. DaRonch did exactly what many police departments and leftist civic groups try to deter crime victims from doing - she fought for her life. The result was that she was able to escape from her abductor. It is almost certain that had she not escaped she would have been killed because that man was the serial killer Ted Bundy.

About 9 months later, in Seattle, an officer saw a Volkswagen that was suspicious to him. He pulled over the car and found handcuffs in the back of the car and arrested the driver - Ted Bundy. Based in part on evidence supplied by DaRonch, Bundy was convicted of kidnapping and put in jail and the investigation of him as a suspected serial killer went into overdrive. More here and lots more here.

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Grandfathers Are Best

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between Grandmothers and Grandfathers? Well, here it is:

There was this loving grandfather who always made a special effort to spend time with his son's family on weekends.  Every Saturday morning he would take his 5-year-old granddaughter out for a drive in the car for some quality time: pancakes, ice cream, candy - just him and his granddaughter.

One particular Saturday, however, he had a terrible cold and could not get out of bed. He knew his granddaughter always looked forward to their drives and would be very disappointed. Luckily, his wife came to the rescue and said that she would take their granddaughter for her weekly drive and breakfast.

When they returned, the little girl anxiously ran upstairs to see her grandfather who was still in bed.  "Well, did you enjoy your ride with grandma?" he  asked.

"Not really, PaPa, it was boring.  We didn't see a single asshole, queer, piece of shit, horse's ass, socialist left wing Obama lover, blind bastard, dip shit, Muslim camel humper, peckerhead or son of a bitch anywhere we went. We just drove around and Grandma smiled at everyone she saw. I really didn't have any fun.

Almost brings a tear to you eye, doesn’t it!

A hat tip to mein freund Rich M for that one.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Illegal Alien Bill of Rights - We May As Well Just Open Our Borders...

...and our bank accounts and our homes to all comers if the absolute balderdash proposed by UnitedWeStay comes to pass. Just what are they proposing? They proffer a bill of rights for illegal aliens that seemingly in essence says since they are here they deserve all they can suck of the life blood of America. In other words, as I see it, now that they have broken the laws to enter our country we should bend over backwards to accommodate and reward them as they take all they can swindle from U.S. citizens and legal resident aliens. More here.
Allow me to point out that within the preamble to their so called bill of rights, they evidently admit that they have no clue what type of government we have here in the United States when they say: "We are here on American soil working for a stronger economy while reinvigorating the nation’s commitment toward democracy...". The fact is that our government is not a democracy, it is a Constitutional Republic and therein is revealed another error they made since they go on to say: "...and we should be afforded the same due process and equal protection guaranteed to all by the U.S. Constitution." The truth is that they have been afforded those same protections all along and in fact often have been given additional rights that citizens could never claim (such a the right to seek political asylum and all of the additional rights given in human trafficking cases) but that should never mean they can blatantly disregard the law and violate it by entering and remaining in this country illegally.
These illegal aliens, who are invading and overrunning our nation, go on to say they are the embodiment of the American dream and at that point I just about vomited on my laptop as I read their vile revolting diatribe. I know some little bit about the American dream and it is not the nightmare that illegal aliens are bringing to America. When I was in my teens and twenties, my great-grandmother would tell me about the hardships and persecution she faced in her homeland that forced her to seek a better life in America. She would always include telling me about the additional trials and tribulations that she faced when she legally immigrated to this country and as she strived to become successful here not so much for her sake but for that of her children and that of her new homeland. In other words, she told me about her living the American dream. In essence what she told me was that she came here seeking a better life but was faced by not bumps in the road but by major hurdles including prejudices, language barriers, cultural differences, competition from other immigrants and citizens and so forth that made it impossible to find employment at anything other than the lowest levels.
She took a job as a house servant in the home of a well to do immigrant, whom my great-grandmother only referred to as Mrs. Whistler. The first thing her employer told her, after welcoming her, was in the Gottshee dialect of German, my great-grandmother's native tongue. She told my great-grandmother that from that moment forward, the only language she was permitted to speak in that household was the English language. It was the last time anyone in of that household spoke to my great-grandmother in German (except for other employees who helped her learn English and that had to done very secretively or they faced beatings and possible termination of employment). She earned about a dollar a day while slaving away doing every backbreaking and menial chore you can think of as a house servant. She swept sidewalks, cleaned fireplaces, did cooking, scrubbed floors, beat rugs clean, did the wash (on the same glass wood framed washboard she used when she told me her story), made beds, cleaned toilets and worked many more than 8 hours a day for 6 days a week. She learned English quickly when doing so, that was another demand on her by Mrs. Whistler (no this was not the same Whistler as Whistler's Mother of portrait fame as this was in the early 1900s and possibly the last couple of years of the 1800s). that she learn English without delay.
My great-grandmother worked for Mrs. Whistler for many years and moved up in the ranks of the servants and in the esteem and affections of Mrs. Whistler. When Mrs. Whistler passed, she left a substantial inheritance to my great-grandmother, enough to help my great-grandparents become successful property owners. They went on to own a few small apartment buildings, first in Brownsville (a section of Brooklyn, NY) and then in Glendale (part of Queens, NY). That was not because my great-grandmother had moved into the Whistler household and demanded rights or demanded liberties that she had not earned but because she came to America legally, seeking the American dream, and was willing to learn the language of the land, adopt the customs of her new home (while not giving up those of her homeland and integrating them into new American life) and was willing to do backbreaking work in order to achieve that dream so that the children she bore would have a better life than she. She broke down and cried when she told me these stories. Yet, she smiled through the tears when she told me how, after years of hard work at becoming American, she passed the naturalization test (including the English language requirement) and was naturalized as a United States Citizen; oh how I wish I had her naturalization certificate to frame and display in a place of honor.
That my friends is the real American dream - doing it the American way while becoming an American. You do not become an American by climbing over a fence or wading a river or overstaying a visa or by remaining diverse once you arrive in our land. From what I have seen today, the truth seems to be that the illegal aliens who are invading our nation today want to bring their customs, languages, ethics and such along with them and not adopt the ways of their new home, the United States Of America. They want to change our country to suit them and they want to remain diverse and that can only lead to a nation divided.  Many, if not most of them, wish to get all they can get and then return to their original homelands as well-to-do citizens of those other nations. That is not and never has been the American dream. The American dream is what my great-grandmother, and the legally immigrated ancestors of ever so many Americans, suffered and struggled to achieve by becoming, in every way, Americans; that as opposed to becoming hyphenated Americans. As Theodore Rooselvelt said: "There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else." Thus, I am not, and do not consider myself, a Gottschee-American nor a German-American nor an Irish American nor a Mexican-American (does that part of my ancestry surprise you, it did me when I heard, several years back from one of my cousins, that a great or great-great-grandmother on my father's side was Mexican). Nor on the broader spectrum am I a European-American nor a Caucasian-American. I am an American - I am the dream my great-grandmother dreamed 
So what should we do with illegal aliens who are now demanding that we give them rights over and above those of law abiding citizens and legal resident aliens? Damn these usurpers of the America dream; deport each and every one of them. Welcome and encourage only those who would come here legally, who would abide by our laws under our current constitution and who would work hard to become Americans to the benefit of our nation while achieving the American dream as a legacy for the betterment of their children and the generations of their family yet to come. That is the American dream and they who live it are Americans.

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

If I Was A Bank Teller...

...and she walked in to rob the bank and then stuck that Thompson right in my face, I'd probably never see the gun or realize the bank was being robbed.

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A Bit Of My Philosophical Thought On Being Armed For Self Defense

With life being as cheap as it is, that is YOUR life being seen as cheap in the eyes of others who would just as soon kill you as look at you, I have developed a simple philosophy.

Whenever you can go anywhere legally armed, you should do so; and you should know how to defend yourself with whatever primary arms you chose to carry. If you can avoid going to places wherein you cannot be legally armed, avoid them; that is unless you are willing to be illegally armed and face the consequences if any. Of course, if you choose to go unarmed, you must also be willing to face the consequences of that.

I am not advocating that you illegally arm yourself, that decision is completely you own to make. However, I will say that the consequences of not being able to effectively defend yourself or your loved ones against deadly force, illegally used by someone against you, might wind up being more dire than being apprehended for being illegally armed should you take action against someone trying to kill you. That last is just something to think about as we are faced with events like those described in the articles at the following links:

There are as many other similar situations as you can to find by doing an intensive search online. Then there are the more mundane, at least to the media, cases of robberies, assaults, rapes, murders and other violent crimes that occur each and every day in which the victims are usually unarmed. I am a firm believer in fighting back when and if I can do so, to protect my life and the lives of my loved ones, so I go armed whenever and wherever I legally can do so. My personal philosophy is for me to go armed, stay alert, and avoid trouble if I can avoid it. Yet, if it comes to me and or my loved ones being imminently threatened with loss of life or serious bodily injury without a reasonable chance for us to escape unharmed  then I will take decisive self defense action up to and including the use of deadly force. In other words, I will fight as if my life or the lives of my loved ones, depends on it. 

By the way, the time to start considering and preparing to defend yourself is now, hopefully well before you ever are involved in any such potentially life threatening situations.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Anybody Know What Kind Of Pistols She Is Holding?

Yes, I am admitting that somehow I actually noticed there are a couple of pistols in this photo.

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Monday, November 2, 2015

One Tooth Ache Down And... sinus infection to go and then I should be chipper once again. Missed work today because I was feeling like crap, I am guessing because of a bad tooth that led to a sore throat and sinus infection.
Went to see the dentist about 2 1/2 or 3 weeks ago and she drilled a couple of teeth to replace old filling in one and fill a cavity in the other. With a day, my gun started to hurt around one of those teeth and the tooth behind it. I just figured it was sore from the work she had done but also noticed lots of food getting stuck between those teeth. A couple of days later I had a sore throat and made an appointment to seen ENT who I should have seen a month earlier for a cancer follow-up visit. Thing was I had to wait a week for my appointment. During that time the sore throat got better but the tooth was bothering me more and so was my jaw and then my sinuses on that side so I made an appointment to see the dentist again too. That appointment was set for this Saturday but the ENT appointment was last Thursday. The ENY said I had a sinus infection and noted my edema was recurring. He gave me some antibiotics. Within 3 days of starting them, the pain in the sinuses was just about gone, the tooth and gum no longer hurt except a tiny bit and I was about to chance the appointment with the dentist when the dental assistant sent me a text asking me to come in today since she knew I was not at work (the dental assistant just happens to be my wife). So there I was in the dentist's chair today being told that the food getting stuck has not caused an infection in my gums, nor had the tooth ache or jaw pain been caused by an infection and yet I was having the tooth she had already replaced the filling in drilled again to have the new filling replaced. It's all convoluted and I am sure that I had an infection in my gums and tooth while the dentist disagrees but the end result is that I am feeling better. After 4 days of antibiotics the infection seems to have cleared up, the tooth seems not have food getting stuck since she redid the filling again today, I am sick of seeing doctors and I will probably show up at work tomorrow. While a bad day fishing (or hunting or shooting) beats a good day at work, a crappy day at works beats spending the day at the doctor's (or dentist's) office.

All the best,

I Don't See Anything Unattractive... least when it comes to the AK (or is that a WASR 10). Anyway, the rifle looks fine to me, in fact I think they look better than an AR. As for the woman, there was time I would not have slammed the door in her face but now I am married and decrepit. Oh well, regardless of my marital status and my physical condition, she is certainly more attractive than many women I have seen before her regardless of the hair. As is often said here in NY (as a compliment although, many from other parts of the country seem to think it some sort of a complaint): She's not bad at all.
All the best,
Glenn B

Liberal Leftists Claimed George W. Bush Was In Essence Corrupt...

...and claimed he had less than ethical contracts with oil companies and thus increased the price of oil here, that he had less than ethical dealings with companies that had military contracts and thus made money off of that while our troops suffered, and that he was pretty much the most unethical budget raising president we had ever had up until his presidency. The leftists never stopped screaming about it, it was virtually constantly in the news throughout his term and even years after his presidency.

Since Obama has been in office the debt has about doubled (or more) from when Bush was president, oil prices while down recently remained above what they were when Bush left office, I think for at least 4-5 years, and they are still fairly high (you will note they only fell drastically once the 2016 campaigns launched), and now (among other things) we have another scandal, of which there have been many under Obama, that trumps many of the others at least when it comes to finances. It has been reported that the Department of Defense spent $43,000,000.00 (forty three million dollars of tax payer dollars paid by U.S. Citizens and legal resident aliens) to build a gas station in Afghanistan. It reportedly should have cost no more than $500,000.00 (five hundred thousand dollars). More here

So tell me, why aren't the leftists bashing Obama, protesting his presidency and screaming about this in the media? On the other hand, why are any of us tolerating this crap under this administration! I would think that the original colonists would have revolted by now had this happened back then. The least we could do is demand his impeachment if this is true.

All the best,

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Revisiting A Photo That Has Always Intrigued Me

This photo has been around on the Internet for awhile now. I stop to take a look at it each time I come across it in a list of images of armed woman. I don't know if it is just the good looking new age model, or either or both of the fine old age weapons (whether or not reproductions or truly old) that she is holding or the combination of all three but this photo has always intrigued me as to why I like it so much.

All the best,

A Patriot Passes

I don't recall exactly how I disagreed with some of his politics, then again, I don't recall everything with which I found myself in agreement with him. I clearly remember though that I agreed with most of his politics because he seemed to truly be a very patriotic American. Fred Thompson has passed at the age of 73 due to a recurrence of cancer (source).

My condolences go out to his family, loved ones, friends and associates. He was a fine American.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Disagree That Obama's Sending Only 50 Special Forces Troops... combat ISIS, on the ground, shows his lack of commitment or that as Lindsay Graham reportedly put it: "Sending 50 American Special Forces into Syria in the eyes of ISIL shows that Obama is not all in." See more here.

Really, I don't think it shows that at all. Instead, I truly believe that this action on the part of Obama is a strong indication that he throws virtually his full support into that crisis - just not on the side of the United States or its allies but rather on the side of ISIS.

ISIS is the biggest threat to world peace that currently exists. Sure, right now Russia and China could pose a bigger potential threat as could any alliance of several smaller nations against us and our current allies. However, right now - the biggest actual threat to world peace, the one most likely to cause WWIII, is what is going on in the Middle East regarding the constant advancement of ISIS and all the petty muscle flexing by nations that are supposedly fighting against ISIS. Hell, it seems that not only will our president not make an all out effort to oppose and destroy ISIS, he cannot even call it by the name it is called by the rest of the world. I think the man is a buffoon, a wannabe tyrant, and maybe that he is quite possibly a traitor or at least headed that way. It certainly seems to me that he is leading us toward disaster.

Of course, I could be wrong. He might be hiding is true intentions as opposed to George W. Bush who telegraphed, for months, the attack on Iraq before actually commencing it; thus allowing anything that should not have been there to have been removed to someplace else like Syria maybe). I would be surprised though if Obama actually took sufficient steps to annihilate ISIS by way of committing sufficient troops on the ground with actually effective orders of engagement.

All the best,
Glenn B

A Few Pics From Last Weekend's West Virginia Bloggershoot

I did not take all that many pictures while at the bloogershoot in WV last weekend; that was mostly because I was shooting or spotting for Brendan. Anyway, here are most of those I have.

Andrew (?), or maybe not Andrew, shooting a scoped Ruger 10/22 at 100 yards.

Brendan reloading the Remington R1.

I was quite happy that his trigger finger was not
on the trigger or even inside the trigger guard..

Brendan continues to blast away.
Nancy waiting for a chance to shoot.

Jay looking back thinking he
had best make room for Nancy.
Kara firing the Uzi, under the watchful eye of our host,
who wishes to remain incognito.
I suck at name retention, so I will have to go with his blogger name.
Here is New Jovian Thunderbolt firing some thunderbolts downrange.

My first attempts at sighting in the Savage Axis, in 308, at 100
yards. First three shots in red, 2nd three in white, third group in
blue and my last group in zombie green. I gave the scope about
four more clicks up and left it at that. I am thinking that it's now
probably good enough for deer and I suppose it might now even
be even good enough for zombies during the apocalypse. Too bad
we could not sight it in further out but 340 Defense's 400 yard range
was closed due to new a neighbor's lawsuit. Imagine moving next to a
range and then filing a lawsuit that it might be dangerous. Prior resident
never did that and apparently lived there for many years. Fucking leftists!
I only got shots of 7 out of 22 shooters or so; I have to say my shots on target went better than that. While I kind of, sort of, maybe wish I had taken more pics, especially of Brendan, I really enjoyed what shooting I did. That just took up my time that otherwise would have gone toward taking pictures but after all it was a bloggershoot not a photo-shoot. You can see additional photos, taken by other attendees, here and here.

All the best,
Glenn B