Thursday, March 10, 2016

Everyman's Evening Eyeful

Could she be the local school teacher or librarian at home.

Could she be your local barmaid on her weekend off.

During the week, could it be, she wraps her hands around
a pole and dances to your heart's content as you shell out
greenback after greenback in tips; then on her weekends she
wraps her hands around this steel & polymer boomstick and
shoots targets that look like fat old men holding wads of bills.
All the best,
Glenn B

Chaulk Up Another One For An Armed Citizen

It is being reported here that an escaped murder suspect, identified in the article as Rafael McCloud, broke into a family home in Vicksburg, MS and stabbed the husband and then tied up the occupants including the child of the homeowners. After about three hours of being bound, one of the homeowners is reported to have been able to break free, retrieve a gun and shoot the dirtbag suspect in the head killing him.

If I was religious I would have to exclaim Hallelujah. Heck, I'll do it anyway and ask you to join me. Brothers and sisters - can you say it, cause if you can say it, say it loud - HALLELUJAH!

Once again I think an armed citizen has done society a favor; that my friends is about the only way I can look at this. That is other than to say "excellent shooting" to whoever it was who shot the guy in the head.

All the best,
Glenn B

Another Falling Star

Chumply Chumlee, of Pawn Stars, has been busted as reported in this article. Police reportedly executed a search warrant, based on a sexual assault investigation, then discovered illicit drugs, including methamphetamine in his home. They also found a gun and added felony weapons offense to the charges against him. There goes another show I liked.

All the best,
Glenn B

Good Set of Articles By Beretta - Introducing Stress to Your Shooting Regimen

Beretta has a set of two articles on their blog, about introducing stress into your firearms training. I think it a worthy read especially for those among you who have been limited to shooting holes in paper at a range without any sort of stress introduced into your routine. Such stress can be as simple as shooting a predetermined number of shots within a certain time limit or shooting competitively against a buddy in the next lane.

The articles can be found via these links:

The Importance of Introducing Stress in Gun Training

Five Ways to Prepare Against Stress in Firearms Practice

All the best,
Glenn B