Monday, March 28, 2011

Firearms Manuals - Steve's Pages a Great Source of Info

Once upon a time, I had a link to firearms web pages that were a really great source for firearm's manuals in the form of links to those manuals. It was called Steve's Firearms Pages. I used them fairly often. Then one day the links no longer worked and I could not find the site again. Today, I got an email from a buddy of mine that had a link to a firearms site. When I checked it, I was very happily surprised to see it was a link to the lost site. When I took a few minutes to look it over, well I realized that the site sure seemed different. There wasn't much of a change if any in format, or as to type of content but it sure seemed the site had grown. Where it had contained a lot of firearm's manuals before, it now looks as if it has greatly expanded. It was a great site then and it is awesome now.

Compiling the link list must have been an arduous task considering that each was probably not only collected and added to the list but was also checked to see that it worked and that the content of the link matched the link name. That is not the half of it though. You see, it appears the links are not to manufacturers' web pages that have manuals on them but rather that the links are to PDF files that were created by Steve himself making PDF copies of firearms' manuals. So he placed all of the manuals into PDF files, then linked to each PDF file separately, then placed every link in alphabetical order (sort of) for all of us to use for free. (There is a donate link on the site.) The list of available manuals goes from A-Z with only two letters not represented - Q and X. Not every firearm is listed there, it is nowhere near that large, but yet it is quite impressive. If counted correctly, it has 1424 linked firearms manuals in PDF format. After the firearms manuals there are other links to optics, reloading tools, flashlights, metal detectors, photography and other stuff - all on the same page as the firearms manuals links. That is just on one web-page. WOW!

Besides the informational links to the firearms manuals there is a lot more offered on the site‘s Main Firearms Page. You can find links on the Main Firearms Page to:

Illustrated Parts Breakdown Page

Owners' Manuals (PDF Files, Adobe Required)

U.S. Army Field Manuals

Archival Books (Firearms and Reloading)

Magazines & Articles

Downloadable Catalogs

All Kinds Of Other Interesting Stuff

Down at the bottom of the main Firearms Page are additional links to:

The Front Page Knives


Big Sky Country

More Montana

Even More Montana

My Bronco 4x4

Aftermarket Photography

MIDI Jukebox

ZIPped MIDI Files



Weather Page


Message Forums

Just the firearm’s manuals alone, all in one virtual place is a great source of information. Add to that lots of useful information on all those other topics and it is pretty impressive to say the least.

Here is the link to the Main Firearms page:

Here is the link to the Firearms Manual page:

All the best,
Glenn B