Friday, October 27, 2017

Borescopes - A Little Help Please

I have been looking into picking up an inexpensive borescope to be able to examine and get clear photos of the bores of my firearms. I am pretty much clueless in some regards when it comes to them and one thing that confounds me is most seem to have a head diameter that is too wide to fit down many bores. For example, I was looking into one with some good recommendations, the Giraffe 3.0 borescope but when I read its specs they said the head diameter was 8.5mm. Way too big to run through bores like 22, 25, 32, 308, 7.62x39mm and so on. 

If any of my readers can clue me in to a borescope that can run through a 22 caliber bore, works on Android and Windows 10, has USB adapters for both, is of decent quality and is inexpensive - please let me know.

Glenn B

Not Only Is He Disloyal To President Trump...

...but John Lewis seemingly is absolutely disloyal to the people of the United States of America and to the Republic of which they are citizens. He has allegedly wished happy birthday to president Hillary Clinton! As reported by

"Democratic Rep. John Lewis (Ga.) wished a happy birthday to "Madame President Hillary Clinton" on Tuesday afternoon, even though Clinton is not actually president of the United States." More at the source.

In my estimation, this only goes to show the absolute lunacy of those who are die hard leftists and that they are little more than mentally disturbed spoiled brats who go to whatever extreme they can go to have it their way even if it means they have to live in their own version of Bizarro World! Sometimes I think they actually prefer to live in that fantasyland. I guess that makes it impossible for them to tolerate the truth that Trump won and Clinton lost.

All the best,
Glenn B