Saturday, March 28, 2020

I Am Still Alive & Kicking...

...but just not blogging a lot. I am sick, not from Corona Virus but of everything to do with COVID-19 and the reporting or lack of reporting about it. Bowie County, TX supposedly put a shelter in place order into effect at 11:59 last night, I found out by way of a very brief conversation I had with someone at my local city hall. The folks at my city hall were two lazy, lackadaisical or incompetent, I suppose, to give us a heads up that it was about to be implemented and the woman to whom I spoke was clueless as to any of the restrictions and said I'd have to contact the county for more info. I would not even have known to call city hall to inquire had I not gone to get a haircut yesterday and the hair cutting place across the street from my apartment had a closed for the duration of the shelter in place order sign in their front window. I wonder how they found out because they closed many hours before it went into effect. Oh well, life goes on, I hope.

Anyway, what is there to blog about? I could blog about poltics and how the hopeful nominee of the dem party - Joe Biden - appears to be brain dead or at least well on his way to a serious case of dementia or something like it. Have you seen and of his interviews or speeches lately. It is pretty sad to see him in such shape but sadder still that a major political party would even consider him to run for the highest office in the land. Then again, I suppose they could be hoping he gets in and his vice president will become president after the massive stroke (or whatever other form of death) he suffers soon after being elected. Of course, they just may decide to can him before they pick a nominee and then go with Andrew Cuomo (it really is not that far fetched of an idea especially when you think all they'd be left with is that commie Bernie if Biden is out).

I could also blog about - what - let's see:n the weather, the ammo buying panic of Spring 2020, the stock market (from which I have sold off all my stock and where I have made about an 18% profit over the past 6 months or so too bad I did not have tens of thousands invested), the soon to arrive Zombie Apocalypse (yes it is coming with one type of zombie or another and my guess is they will be the type Bob Hope mentioned in Ghost Breakers). The thing is, I am sick of it all - except maybe the Zombie Apocalypse.

So instead of further blogging, I am going to sign onto to go to their online only Early Gun & Military Auction (it was supposed to be a live auction last week but because of restrictions placed in NY State, they had to make it online only and changed it to today). I have several bids in already and the bidding starts closing  at noon (EST) so I want to check and see how my bids are faring now and maybe do a bit more pricing research to see if I want to go any higher on any of them.

All the best,
Glenn B