Friday, March 23, 2007

6 Arrests Before Prosecution!!!

The following quote is a comment that was made by T.J. Bonner, a union head for border patrol agents.

"Let's be honest, there isn't enough jail space to incarcerate everyone who crosses that border," said Bonner, president of the National Border Patrol Council. "If everyone demanded hearing in front of an immigration judge, it would bring our system to a grinding halt in a matter of days."

That the comment was made, in this article Illiegal Immigrants Require 6 Arrests to Warrant Federal Prosecution in Texas, Memo Says @,2933,260501,00.html. (Yes that is the spelling of illegal as it was shown in the headline, maybe the article was written by an ignorant illegal. And yes I make mistakes too, but my posts are not edited by a news media staff making big bucks.)

The comment was made in light of the fact that it takes six arrests of an illegal alien before he is prosecuted by federal prosecutors; and that should tell us something else we need to be honest about. We need a drastic change to how our borders are protected, such as the addition of a very secure border barrier along the length of our southern and northern borders, new rules of engagement for border patrol agents, and we need a drastic and sweeping change to our immigration & nationality laws. The first and the third can only be effected by Congress, the second can be changed by the president. As for Congress, they have to allocate the funding for the border barrier, and they have to rewrite the laws. They need to do both now. The president has to agree with them.

Could you imagine that it would take six arrests before a drunk driver was prosecuted. Could you imagine it taking six arrests for a petty thief to be prosecuted. Could you imagine it would take six arrests before a a trespasser into your home was arrested. Could you imagine how bad it will continue to get if we do not do something now to stop the flow of illegal aliens into our country.

Write to your Congress people NOW! Send letter, emails, and make phone calls to their offices demanding they put a stop to illegals crossing into our country, and that they not allow for amnesty for those already here.

All the best,
Glenn B