Friday, June 8, 2012

My New Obama Tee Shirt

Yep, I have an Obama T-shirt. It just arrived in the mail, day before yesterday. I decided to give it a try-out so I wore it while out at a few stores today. I visited Lowe's, Home Depot, P.C. Richard & Sons and Target. I got a few stares (not sure if in admiration or disgust) from the salesmen at P.C. Richard & Sons. A couple of people at Lowes' obviously averting their eyes but one guy in the parking lot said: "I like your shirt". In the Home Depot parking lot, another person commented similarly to the guy at Lowe's, Then in Target, a group of three young guys walked by me in the store, one said "nice shirt" and another of them something to the effect of "All Fucking Right". A guy in the Target parking lot, driving a van, almost ran me over. I cannot determine if that was because his head was up his ass or because he saw my shirt but I think it was the former.

I first saw the shirt on Kenny's blog Knuckledraggin My Life Away. I liked it immediately, so I left a comment asking where I could get one. He posted about where to buy them. I ordered one for me and one for my son. It was delivered to me within a few days of the order. My son saw his, laughed and said thanks.

Seems to be a high quality shirt, not sure if the words are painted on or are a rubberized press on. I prefer silk-screened painted shirts as the graphics seem to last longer when done that way. Hopefully its message will be heeded by the election and how long the graphics last will not matter much after November! If you like it too, you can get one at the same place I got mine.

Oh, did I forget to post a pic of it, here it is:

I truly like my new Obama T-shirt. What do you think of it?

All the best,
Glenn B