Thursday, August 21, 2014

I've Got Nothing - But Oh Man Does Ivy Mike Café Have Something

I was over at Wirecutter's site about an hour or so ago and read a bit of a piece he had posted from another blog. That piece came from the blog Ivy Mike Café and of course Kenny gave a link to it so his readers could go to the other site and read all of it. I did just that, clicked on the link and I wound up at the Ivy Mike Café site, in this post: #Ferguson – when assholes collide.

Go there, take a look. No, do more than that - really take the time to read it - the whole post. Do yourself that favor because it is that good. Now mind you, you may not understand every word. I surely did not but I am not ashamed to say that tonight I increased my vocabulary by doing what I am about to suggest. When you do not understand some of the words, do yourself another favor and go to a site like before you read any further so you can look them up immediately. (If you read it and understand all the words without looking some up, you either have a PhD in English or you are a liar to say you understood them all.)

If you think that we need to change America, to save it, and think at all like me along those lines instead of like a progressive twit, you will probably finish that piece and think the person who wrote it is dead on balls accurate. I certainly do. I cannot remember reading a better commentary on the issues the author discusses, in fact on almost every issue facing our nation, than that one.

If the link above fails, try going to this address:

Lest I forget to mention, there is a new blog linked to on my blog roll.

Thanks Kenny, had you not posted it, it would have been my loss.

All the best,
Glenn B