Saturday, September 20, 2008

Questions To Ask About The Mortgage Company and Financial Institution Government Buyouts

Here are some questions you should ask yourselves, then ask your elected officials.

1) Why did the government bail out these companies that are such absolutely terrible risks, and all at taxpayer expense?

2) Why did the government not allow these financial institutions to fail, thereby making them responsible for the extremely stupid risks they took with absolutely foolish lending practices?

3) Why have we not heard anything at all about how the government, as part of these bailouts, has taken control of the foreclosed real estate that these companies own as a result of lenders not being able to pay?

4) Why are these pieces of real estate not already up on the market, and being sold by the government not the lenders who went belly up?

5) If the financial institutions, that the government bailed out, fail to payback the loans, what collateral does the government receive from them?

6) You are not really trying to tell us that the government lent them billions, if not trillions, without collateral are you?

7) If these institutions cannot turn around their profit margins, to the point where they are making profits and paying back these federal loans, will they be allowed to declare bankruptcy and default on the loans?

8) If the answer to number 8 is yes, then tell us please who is the absolute idiot that will have allowed for this to happen?

9) I am a United States Citizen living in a free market economy; why has the government forced socialism/communism down my throat with these bailouts?

10) Will the American people learn any sense of responsibility for their wrong doing, for their poor judgement in business dealings, in stock market trading, when the government in the form of a Clown comes in on a Multicolored Carousel Steed trying to save the day; or will we just remain a gotta have it now, bunch of greed mongering whiners who expect the government to make it right each time we screw up?

11) Why is abject stupidity driven greed being rewarded?

12) Why does the hard working American, who played by the rules, and who made sensible loans, or who borrowed within reason, now have to suffer while those who acted foolishly - both lenders and borrowers - will now be bailed out?

This whole bail out thing is even more disgusting than the actual failures of the financial institutions themselves. George W. Bush again has proven himself to me to be the most liberal and inept president in my lifetime barring only Jimmy Carter; and he is close on Carter's heels for the number one position. It does not matter if the bailout fails or succeeds, you see he has destroyed any sense of people needing to be responsible for their actions where money is concerned. He ought to be ashamed of himself for that alone. When and if the bailout fails, when and if the taxpayer in the U.S.A. has to pay even one dime toward the bailout, well then it has failed; and you can bet we are going to pay more than our fair share's worth and much more than .10 cents worth; and you can bet that the bastards who gave out those ridiculous loans, and those who accepted them with no way to pay them off, are laughing at the rest of us because we are the fools who will wind up losing.

All the best,
Glenn B

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