Friday, August 24, 2018

A Gazillion Firearms Manuals

I took a bit of a chance this past Sunday and ordered two sets, of the two disc DVD, 3,250 Firearms Manuals from ADV Plans through eBay. I also ordered one DVD (not sure if it a single DVD or a setoff DVDs or a CD) called "4000+ Firearm Manuals DVD Rifle Carbine Pistol Shotgun Revolver Gun CD" (a little confusing as to whether a DVD or CD with that name) from wizardclassicbooksetc, also through eBay. Yeah, I know - not really a gazillion but close enough for me.

I received the two sets, of two DVDs each, of the 3,250 Firearms Manuals today. I am downloading the first disc to my Laptop as we speak as they suggested you download the files to your computer for faster access because they said the files are large PDF file and take a long time to view from the disc. That has been downloading for five or more minutes now and it's about 92% complete. I am hoping that means that these files truly contain not only some basic manuals but many manuals that give full disassembly and assembly instructions with lots of diagrams. I guess I will know fairly soon because I am not about to wait to download the files from second DVD without fist viewing a few to several manuals from disc 1.

There was just a momentary pause and apparent glitch in the download when I got a pop-up window saying one of the files could not be read, something about Japanese markings. When I hit try again, it proceeded downloading again. Hopefully it is reading nd copying all files correctly. Just stopped a second time on a file "JW 2000". Hit try again and once again it continued copy files. Hope there is no problem with the DVD; if so maybe it was a good idea to order two sets (if the other one is okay). That by the way is where I took a little chance, ordering two of them before knowing if they were worth the money. Only a little chance because they were not expensive, the total was a coupe or few cents under $20.

Damn, stuck again, this time on the file "The Koon Snake Charmer" and not continuing to copy when I hit try again so I just hit skip. Got stuck again pretty soon after that on the Kriss Super V Armorer’s Course. Seems to be stuck there! Ended it, took out the disc, reinserted it and began again Second time was a charm or so it seems. Looks like all files were successfully copied.

Here is an example of some of the oddball stuff that is included in these files:




Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
This copy is a reprint which includes current pages from Change 1.

DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY                                                                        31 MAY 1991

This manual supersedes TM 9-1340-214-10, January 1986

I don't know about you but I sometimes like what is totally useless information now but that someday might become very useful should one of these just happen to fall from Heaven and into my lap. Most of the other files at which I have given a look are the basic firearm manuals that come with a gun when it is new. The good thing about many of them is they include exploded and annotated parts diagrams. The copies they used for these PDF files are pretty poor for some of them, okay for others and excellent for yet others. That is okay, I was used to that with Steve's pages, especially his page 7B for firearms manuals. I have a sneaking suspicion these files may have been gleaned from Steve's website but that is based on nothing more than a gut feeling.

Despite the poor copy quality on several of the manuals that I have viewed so far, it looks as if I will be able to read everything I have looked at up until now even if it will be with a bit of difficulty for some of them. Since there are 3,250 different manuals and such on these DVDs, I may never get a chance to look at them all to see if they are all complete and readable. Heck to look at all of them in one year I would have to view just over 8.9 of them a day for one year (doesn't that also work out to 8.9 years to read one per day until completion - wow). That's a lot of manuals to look over but it sure is nice to know that if needed I may well have the manual for whatever gun is in question. By the way, the download of the second disc went off without a glitch - all 1,562 files on it copied to the hard drive of my laptop - I hope they all came outright.

Still waiting on the 4,000 Gun Manuals DVD, that one is supposed to include a lot of other things - like U.S. Army Survival Manuals and such along with the gun manuals. Will clue you in about it once I receive it.

All the best,
Glenn B

A Saying My Mother Used - So Appropriate Today

My mom used to tell me some short one sentence sayings of which I did not necessarily understand the meaning at the time. It wasn't that I did not understand them all, it was just one or two the meaning of which evaded me for years. One of the sayings she used quite often was: "Life I cheap". I did not get it when, as I recall, she fist told me that when I was a teenager after watching a news report about some horrendous violent crime committed by worthless thugs - I think the Sharon Tate (et al) murder(s) committed by the 
Manson cult psychos.

She said it again and again and again after seeing or reading news reports about particularly bad violent crimes. For years I had no clue why she was saying it and never asked her to explain. I had always thought life was rather precious - anything but cheap and it befuddled me that she would say it was cheap. Then one day, while watching a news report about some other senselessly terrible and heinous crime of violence - it suddenly dawned on me what she had she meant - life was cheap as far as these lowlife killers were concerned with regard to the lives of their victims.

I guess she was right because you could have read about it, senseless killings where the murderers had little to zero regard for the lives of those they killed, almost every day of every week of every year since she first said it to me. For instance, I read just this morning a news report of three pieces of vile excrement who allegedly killed a pizza delivery man, evidently only for the pizza he was delivering. Is a man's life worth less than a pizza! I guess to these three animals such was the case, they left him dead or to die and went home to eat the pizza. Somehow, as fate had set it, an onlooker reportedly saw the delivery man go to an abandoned house and noted a strange car parked nearby and took down its license number. Another witness reportedly saw the three leave the abandoned house with a rifle and a "pizza bag". It boggles my mind that someone would kill you for a friggin pizza but the suspects reportedly have confessed their crime to the police. More at the source.

Try to be careful out there my friends and go about your daily business while being able to defend yourselves.

All the best,
Glenn B


Some Like It Hot But Some Like It Cold

Some like Cameron Wright, a hospital security guard, seemingly like it cold. That is cold as in stone cold dead when it comes to sex. He reportedly was arrested and charged with abuse of  corpse after allegedly having sex with a corpse inside of a storage area in a hospital. At least two witnesses reportedly caught him in the act. That does not make him a bad person - does it? His sister was reported as saying this about him:

“I think he’s still a good person, he just needs help,” she said. “I mean, because anybody that does something like that, there’s got to be something wrong with them."

Yeah, I too think there is something wrong with him, I think if he did that of which he has been accused he is a sick and evil mother fucker. I cannot not imagine what drove him to allegedly drive it home to a dead woman except for mental illness and/or depravity and I am banking on the latter. More at the source.

I imagine there is no way that the hospital is ever going to make this up to the family of the deceased woman but I certainly hope that the multi-million dollar settlement I imagine the hospital will make with them will at least help a bit. Seeing the alleged corpse abuser wind up with a long prison sentence may help as well but who knows, in today's Bizarro World, if he will serve even a day if he is even convicted.

All he best,
Glenn B