Thursday, February 27, 2014

So Why Did The School Let The Mexicans Celebrate...

...cinco de mayo in the first place if they were worried about racial strife that they said would be caused in the school should American students be allowed to wear American flag T-shirts in the classroom on cinco de mayo. Why tell the Americans to turn their shirts inside out or to go home and why allow the celebrating Mexicans, who were celebrating a foreign holiday that usually causes racial strife in this country, to continue their celebrations. There is really something fucked up and bizarre about that especially in that a U.S. Federal court upheld the side of the school banning the American flag on American soil.


And as a point of clarity, let it be known that neither cinco nor mayo are capitalized in correct Mexican Spanish.

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Hope Springs Eternal... what I thought when I heard that Holder suffered chest pains and faintness and had been hospitalized. A short while later, I was thinking: The damned live forever. That was right after I heard the great news that he had been released from the hospital. Oh well, tomorrow is another day for me to think more cheerful thoughts like the first one I had first about it.

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Glenn B