Sunday, November 17, 2019

Police Respond To Bullshit...

...or should I say rabbit droppings. What a waste of law enforcement resources, the officer's time, the suspects' time all for what - to answer a totally ridiculous complaint over what the officer called someone being weirded out because of a RABBIT. 

If they want to investigate anyone, they should be seeking to investigate the person who made the call with the goal of charging that person with making a bogus 911 (or other call) to the police about this. I am pretty sure this would not happen in my current state of residence Texas (except maybe it might happen in Austin from what I've heard about that burg) but it comes as absolutely no surprise that it happened in my former state of residence NY (Cuomoistan). Personally, I think the officer was less than sensible in asking them for ID when he instead should have been seeking out the asshole who made the complaint, ID'ing that person and reaming her a new one to assure such a call is not placed by that arsehat again in the future. Then again, I suppose though, maybe he was just following orders or protocol and if so I suppose one can feel sorry for him having to handle a case of rabbit pellets - oh what a world!

I mean - can you actually imagine having the mindset that led to some douche bag calling the police about the rabbit! It's got to be a libturd thing, that is thinking the police need to be called to protect you from someone and their pet rabbit.
All the best, 
Glenn B