Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Bought A Piece In AR

I picked up a gun today that I have admired since childhood. I have not seen one of them since the late sixties or early seventies when I owned my first one. The gun I am talking about is a Rayline Star Trek Rapid Fire Tracer Gun. I got a used one in VG to FINE condition that seems to work; although, I do not have any of the discs it uses for ammo to test it. Those discs are available but man are they ever expensive.

I'll settle for having the gun without the discs if only because the guns alone are being offered on eBay for $40 or more in used condition! Not a bad deal at all considering I paid all of $2.00 plus tax for it today. This is what they looked like new, that is if this is not a pic of a counterfeit, and I must say it looks like the real McCoy:

Another nice thing about the one I picked up is that it was made in the USA. Yep, I am that old that many things were still made in this country.

All the best,
Glenn B