Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The Last Time This Happened,...

 ...the this being one of my firearms auction packages being delayed by USPS, the result was the box mysteriously opened in transit and only the bayonets that were inside of it decided to and were able to make an escape. They just disappeared like magic. The shipment was insured but my son will never see those bayonets he had wanted.
This time around, yes another one has been delayed, the tracking info shows essentially the same as it did for the previous one. It was picked up by USPS in Geneva, NY, made it to a USPS facility in Rochester, NY and seemingly has fallen off the radar since arriving there. Tracking does not show it leaving Rochester yet says it is in transit - again same as last time. That previous parcel's tracking showed that way for days or maybe even a week or more and then miraculously the package was delivered to me light. It was minus the bayonets. This one contains only a shotgun and a revolver; so, if they somehow escape the confines of their cardboard prison, I guess I won't receive a thing as I doubt even USPS would deliver an empty box. 
I hope they actually still are in transit and not in some postal employees collection of stolen guns or worse yet that they have been sold to some dirtbag.

Time will tell and the wait will suck until I find out one way or the other.

All the best,
Glenn B