Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New Roof Is Getting Laid...

...and a lucky roof is it! The new roof was supposed to be done on Friday but the roofers got an unexpected opening today and called me yesterday to see if I wanted it done today. I said sure, why not and the lady said good because rain is forecast for Friday.

They roofers came by at about 0720 this morning and started working almost as soon as they got here. All of the shingles are off, the gutters and leaders torn down, and wood on the base later of roof that needed replacing has been replaced and shingles are going up on one side so far. A couple of rafters need bracing, they cracked in the big storm and they are going to move the exhaust for by bathroom fan from the soffit to the roof, they tell me it vents better that way. Who am I to argue. Luckily for us, a great deal of it is being paid for by the insurance company; that is if they ever send me the check.

I guess by the time I get home from work tonight, the roof will have been finished for hours. They sure seem to have enough guys working on it to get the job done in one day. I am figuring at least 10 guys out there right now; I think only one speaky the English and none think I understand Spanish. Next one of them that calls me a pendeco is going to get a face full of Ballseye in Spanish.

All the best,
Glenn B