Thursday, January 25, 2024

This Song Is About What Will HAppen Sooner Or Later - I've Been Expecting It Since The Late 1950s Or Early 60s!

Le's face it: government officials  - well - bureaucrats. their bosses and military leaders - in general for the most part - can be true huge or even total arsehats. They are virtually  always & primarily thinking only of the next election result or the next appointment, with the results coming at any cost - a cost like our lives about which they could not care less.
The end may well come just like it almost does in this song:

I do not know if the song translates exactly from German to English,  in fact I know it does not but the German version sounds better to me (then again the English version is not bad at all, just sounds better in deutsche):

Of course, in that song we wind up lucky in the end because it was all a dream of hers (I hope) but what about if it happens in real life? Sadly, while one song sounds better than the other due to language - the outcome would be terribly the same no matter how it is sung if it really happens and someone of high authority, in any nuclear country, thinks it is a real threat.
By the way, Nena was one hot babe! I'd gladly spend the post-apocalypse with the likes of her.

All the best,
Glenn B