Saturday, August 31, 2019

Another White Racist Cop Stops A Black Person...

...based on race - at least that is what some probably believe even though it obviously was not the case.

A woman reportedly: went into a convenience store to try to get some freebies using the badge and gun of her police officer friend who had just loaned them to her for that purpose. A Gwinnet (County?), GA Police officer noticed the woman, unfamiliar to him, was wearing a badge and gun and getting freebies. He subsequently pulled over her car and questioned whether or not she was an officer. She allegedly immediately drew the race card and shoved it in his face by in essence saying she was being stopped because she was black. She was arrested and later released on bond. The friend who had loaned her the badge and gun was immediately put under investigation by her department; she quit the same day. More here.

Imagine had that bitch woman made a move that looked to the officer like she was going for the gun and he then fatally shot her. BLM, ANTIFA, Al Sharpton, all the race baiting libturd leftist politicians & bureaucrats and probably just about half of all Americans would be screaming for the officers head and he would be going through hell. 

Yes, everyone has their prejudices but not everyone is a racist and not all white police officers are racists, in fact the great majority of them are not racists. This though definitely was a racist incident in my opinion but as I see it, the only obvious racist in this instance was the bitch woman wearing the badge impersonating an officer and then pulling out the race card as soon as she got caught. 

I have to add, it always amazes me that in many departments and in many communities it is routine for an officer to accept gratuities on a regular recurring basis. I was once offered a free refill of a Big Gulp at 7-Eleven in my first months as a Border Patrol Agent. I turned it down and I questioned the other agent with me who had accepted it. He then explained that, at that time, 7-Eleven was offering free refills to anyone.  I wound up feeling like a horse's ass. Regardless of how I felt in that incident, I never once took a gratuity from anyone throughout my 32 plus year LE career except at sanctioned events like Christmas parties where we were allowed, by regulation, to partake of free food and drink up to a certain dollar value and so long as it was being offered to all participants. 

That some make taking gratuities a daily routine, even if sanctioned by their department or agency, has always bothered me. The possibility of an LE officer later showing favoritism to the gift giver or committing some other impropriety or merely allowing for others to perceive a hint of impropriety based on those gratuities does not bode well for that officer, that department or for law enforcement in general. It also is disturbing, to me, because many in LE seem to believe they are entitled to such gratuities because they somehow believe, by way of their LE job, that they in general deserve and are entitled to more than the rest of the community. As you can see in this instance, that attitude evidently was so instilled in the mind of the officer (who loaned her friend her badge and gun so the friend could also be able to get gratuities) that she applied it to her friend as being deserving of like treatment. 

I recall reading a passage, I think in a Joseph Wambaugh book - maybe The Choir Boys, or The Glitter Dome or another one or two of his books I read - about a rookie cop asked his senior partner why he would not accept even a cup of coffee as a gratuity. The older cop tells the novice that a free cup of coffee leads to another gratuity and that to another and eventually you wind up in jail for taking bribes. He pointed out a telephone booth (a thing of the past to youngsters today) and essentially said "See that phone booth over there, after a week of me, a black cop, being in jail, you'd be able to slide that up my ass without lube.  (Mind you that is what I remember and I read that about 39 years ago so allow me some leeway if I don't remember it just right.) Anyway, it was that thought about the phone booth - and what would have happened to me in jail that would have allowed it to fit so easily - that kept me honest throughout career in LE. If I ever have the chance, I'd like to thank Joseph Wambaugh in person for that gem and thus for keeping me on the straight and narrow all for those years.

All the best,
Glenn B

Imagine That This POS...

 ...and illegal alien (no not illegal immigrant, not undocumented migrant, not anything but a reportedly 5x deported illegal alien, and a definite piece of shit in my estimation) instead had been a legal gun owning U.S. Citizen, who was a life member of the NRA, in the same exact courts for the same exact crime. You probably safely can bet he would have been found guilty on all counts and put away for life if not executed. crime. Yet, as an illegal alien repeat offender, he was found guiltless and my bet is it was all due to leftist California libturds and politics. Don't know what I am talking about, well an appeals court in California overturned the single charge of which the killer of Kate Steinle was convicted. More at the source

Now what is going to happen to him? Will he be retried? Maybe and maybe not. If not retried - will he be released. Isn't California one of those so called sanctuary states (if not San Fransicko certainly is a sanctuary city) and doesn't that mean CA authorities will refuse to turn this POS over to Immigration & Customs Enforcement for federal charges he faces and for eventual deportation! Much of this country has become a third world shithole - full of the scum of Mexico, Central and South America and elsewhere - because of libturd insanity.

All the best,
Glenn B

What A Difference A Day, Three Beers...

...a bacon cheeseburger and a cute young waitress can make. In other words, I am feeling much improved since last night after the cheeseburger/beer, waitress therapy. Nope, the issues are not resolved but I do feel much better in general and figure that the problems will be worked out sooner or later.

All the best,
Glenn B