Saturday, August 31, 2019

Imagine That This POS...

 ...and illegal alien (no not illegal immigrant, not undocumented migrant, not anything but a reportedly 5x deported illegal alien, and a definite piece of shit in my estimation) instead had been a legal gun owning U.S. Citizen, who was a life member of the NRA, in the same exact courts for the same exact crime. You probably safely can bet he would have been found guilty on all counts and put away for life if not executed. crime. Yet, as an illegal alien repeat offender, he was found guiltless and my bet is it was all due to leftist California libturds and politics. Don't know what I am talking about, well an appeals court in California overturned the single charge of which the killer of Kate Steinle was convicted. More at the source

Now what is going to happen to him? Will he be retried? Maybe and maybe not. If not retried - will he be released. Isn't California one of those so called sanctuary states (if not San Fransicko certainly is a sanctuary city) and doesn't that mean CA authorities will refuse to turn this POS over to Immigration & Customs Enforcement for federal charges he faces and for eventual deportation! Much of this country has become a third world shithole - full of the scum of Mexico, Central and South America and elsewhere - because of libturd insanity.

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Glenn B

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skybill said...

Hi Boomer!!,
"10-4!!!!!"... I concur with your presentation!!
'Hard to put an "impromptu" follow up comment other than "Maintain constant vigilance and only be in condition "WHITE" when you are dead in "Stage IV Deep Sleep" and even then be ready at the first twinge of trouble!!
"The life you save will be your own!!