Monday, October 12, 2009

An Old Friend Is Visiting Me Today

A friend is visiting me today - he is an old friend of mine. I know him well, all too well, I think, at times like these. I know his friendship to be rather spurious but I cannot shake him despite, or maybe because of, his antagonistic sort of a nature. It seems he visits most of the people he knows on damp, cold days, ones when the weather changes to the worse and rain or snow are almost promised to us. You would think that with the sun shining he would have other places to be rather than pestering me but truth be told he usually prefers my company on sunny days, especially those after the weather has changed from bad to good, or from a warmish/humid sunny day to a cold one. Yesterday was a nice day of sorts - not too cold, not too sunny, but on the humid side for fall with a fair amount of clouds and it actually felt quite warm by late morning. Today is a nice day too - a day that exemplifies mid Fall weather almost to the hilt. It is one of those days I loved so much as a kid. The air has a chill about it today that can only be described as crisp, this morning the sun was out, but now, the skies while not blue have only a light cloud covering and it surely has turned much cooler than yesterday. I was just outside and I ventured a guess that the temperature was in the mid-forties. When I sat at my desk I checked the forecast online and saw I had been correct in my guess - it is 46 degrees Fahrenheit as I type.

It is a bit of a wonder that my friend Arthur came to visit me last night and has stayed through the current moment promising to stay for at least the day. Why is it a bit of a wonder? Well, I suppose because the sun is not shining brightly today. He usually visits me on sunny days I suppose to steal the joy they bring with them. Yet, I imagine that a cold front of sorts has moved in because it certainly seems much cooler than yesterday and he loves to visit on days when the weather has changed. It has changed so much temperature wise from yesterday that I was almost convinced to turn on the heat when I awakened this morning, not only because of the chill in the air this fine morning but because I could have used an extra blanket last night too and that resulted with me chilled to the bones. That is exactly how Arthur likes me when he comes to visit. Perhaps he likes me to be susceptible to his grating personality and I suppose that my being chilled is just about enough for him to work his nasty magic on me to make me feel miserable. Misery indeed - I did not fail to mention somewhere above that he is the antagonistic sort - our whole friendship is based on such. Over the years, I gave as good as I received from him in our decades long duel but as of late I have given in to him all to often and have not tried to shorten his visits to just an hour or two. Instead I sometimes, out of apathy, allow him to stay with me for days even weeks at a time.

I am in no mood for another visit from him since the effects of his last visit are still lingering. I swear he harangues me so much, day in and day out, on each of our sojourns with one another as to get me aching within my bones. He is an antagonist almost without equal in my life. His bothersome ability is not so much that he irritates me on each of his stays with me than it is his habit to show up over and over again and make me as wretched on each visit as the last - that is if not even slightly more so on each successive stay. Today though - the story will be different - at least that is my hope. I have, before, had my hopes dashed to the rocks below by this wily opponents wit, tenacious personality, stamina and strength before but today I truly am hopeful that I can begin to overcome him. Maybe I can even force him to leave me in peace for awhile, that would be nice. I am not sure I can do it, but I have hope because another friend, well a new acquaintance anyway, has come to visit too. He seems to be the soothing type, but only time will tell if the stories I have heard about him are true or not about his powers and abilities regarding types like Arthur. It is difficult to believe, nay almost impossible to believe, that anyone out there has the will, the tenacity, the stamina, the strength to overcome Arthur I. Tis.

I can only hope - so please: Mr. Mobic - do you stuff.

All the best,
Glenn B