Monday, July 21, 2014

Busy With Yard Work - No Range Time

Started cleaning the BBQ grill today, had to stop because I ran out of cleaner. Tomorrow for that. Continued working on back lawn, ripping it up with a pick axe, little by little, and planting a new lawn. Did that up front, half the lawn is lush with thick bladed grass, the other half is partly grassy but looks like a 25 year old guy in the middle of going bald. I don't quite get why one side of the front lawn has one type of grass - nice thick grass blades and the other side a different type, thin like an old hag's hair. Maybe I used some old seed before I bought the new stuff. Wish I could remember what was the old stuff cause I put the new stuff in for the back yard too and it is coming in like it is in the front - partly baldy and the grass leaves are thin, skimpy looking sad little things. Oh well, I can check online before I buy more seed cause I am not going to ask one of the buffoons at Homer's Depot again.

The work in the back is going slow. I probably did an 8x8 or maybe 10x10 area today. hacking away with the pick axe to turn the soil down to a few inches and rip up whatever grass is there. Then kneeling down and pulling away all the old grass and weeds, getting whatever soil off that I can free from the roots, and trashing the rest (some going on the compost heap but  that may be a lost cause this year, my son kind of messed it up trying tom do a good deed). As for the back yard, some parts are bare other parts a lush. Just had a paving block walk and small patio put in and they filled in around it with dirt because they put it in above grade due to the nature of the grade. What they did though was put new fill atop old grass and dead grass roots. Just makes it more difficult hacking away at it with the pick axe but I got through all of that, or so I think. Just one small patch to go and I will have completed about 1/2 of the back lawn/yard. Have it all fenced off so the dogs wont mess it up. I will let that grow in and establish itself somewhat and only then will I start the other half.

Also, I went to Homer's Depot tonight to get more topsoil for fill. Taking out the old grass sure removes a lot of soil. My backyard is small and so far I have bought about 20 cubic feet of top soil. My son thinks it is too much but I am pretty sure it will not be enough. Cheap enough, so no big problem, just a bitch unloading the car tonight because right after going to Homer's, I hit the gym and did 4.5 miles on the treadmill. Then I come home to find my son's car in the driveway, meaning I had to park across the street and lug ten bags of that dirt into my backyard from there instead of much closer. Not the end of the world though, I found his stash of two bottles of Fireball Cinnamon Whisky in the garage and cracked one open (with his permission). I am enjoying it now mixed in with a Kirkland Signature Pale Ale. Delicious! My son is enjoying knocking back a few at the local family pub. More lawn work for me tomorrow and watering the flowers and veggies and cleaning the grill and cleaning some of the critter enclosures and little to no time for the range.  I need some range time badly, want to finally sight in my Mossberg XL7, just received a laser bore sight for it. The Gods know that it is about time, heck I have had it well over a year and have not shot it even once. Maybe I can do that Wednesday or Thursday.

All the best,