Sunday, May 22, 2022

Guns & Ammo Keep Rolling In...

 ...not only to the Ukraine but to my humble abode. Why? Well, because I keep buying them. If you think it is not coming - and by the it I mean The End Of The World As We Know It - then you are much more the optimist than ever I shall become. See my post immediately prior to this one in which I voice some concerns about WW III possibly being upon us in a short time. Even if that my fears of that catastrophe taking place prove baseless in the future, then what about a civil war right here in the U.S. of A. Think of the violence that is almost certain to erupt if the Supreme Court overrules Roe versus Wade. (An amazing note - I have brought up Roe v Wade in discussions I have had with liberals as of late and several of them have had absolutely zero clue as to what was Roe V Wade but if I mentioned something against abortion they'd go ape shit or walk away because they were unable to make an intelligent point about it.)
Anyway, what with commodity shortages here, our economy in the worst slump in decades, inflation at very high rates and promising to gt worse, crime rates soaring as criminals are running rampant, politicians who seemingly are hoping for the worst (they certainly are contributing if not actually causing most of the bad stuff going on), and so on - we are headed toward a bad place at a high rate of speed.
So with all that in mind, I am kind of, sort of, almost certainly making at least a feeble attempt to prep for a bad moon rising. 
My latest purchases: 250 rds of 380 auto, 500 rounds of subsonic 22 LR, an AR-15 upper with a lower kit included and two (2) AR-15 muli-caliber Ghost Gun lowers
PSA AR-15 "GHOSTGUN-15" Stripped Lower Receiver
You gotta that last product with the FUJB (aka: Let's Go Brandon) select fire full auto position (80% = safe and 100% = semi-auto but note it is a completely ready stripped lower it is not an 80% lower). 
Besides buying guns & ammo, I also just, a moment ago, ordered some gold bullion (damned expensive at any size coin but more so when buying 1/4 ounce coins). In addition, I soon will be headed out to buy some spam and other long lasting food items. Some wise person once coined the phrase: Better to have it and never need it than to need it and not have it. I fully agree.
All the best,
Glenn B

Venezuela - Post WW I Germany - Soviet Era Satellite States - North Korea - Zimbabwe...

...take your pick but their economic problems soon all may be reborn in a country near you. Now, the experts are predicting not only hyperinflation in our near future but that there will be a massive worldwide food shortage within 10 weeks. More at the source

Ten weeks would be fast for such shortages to hit but they should not be unexpected what with the current world situation. Heck, here in the U.S.A. alone we have shortages of many things, most notably of late the shortage in the value of our currency thanks to Joe Biden's inflation and a shortage of infant formula (makes me wonder if the libs are hoping for post-birth abortions of a sort). Then there have been shortages of general food stuffs, toilet paper, paper towels, pet foods, computer chips, new cars, ammunition, building materials and on and on and on.
Why? Well some claim because laden ships are sitting in ports with no one to offload them. Just ask yourself why ships are not offloaded at ports - the answer has to do with who runs the labor force there. It is I think due to the unions - apparently 100% leftist commie sympathizers as far as I am concerned. They all seem hopeful to bring us to our knees as a nation - to bring about that fundamental change Obama talked about. Then there are the politicians who hope over and over again for a crisis and probably cause many more problems than would ever come about without those hacks getting involved in the first place. Why - just so they can blame it on the other guy and gain more political power.
My guess is if the Biden Admin either pushes the panic button over the predicted food shortages or ignores it (either way they certainly are the ones who can make it worse), and the media plays it for all it is worth, then food stuffs soon will be flying off the shelves at supermarkets (like Walmart, Kroeger, Edwards, etc.), warehouse stores (like Costco & Sam's Club) and at your local market places in a slew of panic buying. Of course the same will be happening all around the world to one extent or another.
Nothing will bring on a world war as will the combination of hyper-inflation and a massive food shortage - each one in great part causing the escalation of the other. Just look to Germany in the early 1920s when their currency went from about 4 marks to one U.S. dollar to 4.2 trillion marks to a single U.S. dollar! The devaluation of the German mark began during WWI when the German government started putting more and more unbacked paper money into the economy (just like sleepy Joe Biden has been doing with the dollar lately). Then in 1922 hyperinflation struck and the inflation rate by 1923 had skyrocketed to "...3,250,000 per cent a month" and a single loaf of bread had a price tag of over 4 million marks! More at the source. Super high inflation was rampant throughout much of Europe but Germany was one of the worst if not the absolute worst hit by it.
The year 1923 was infamous for one other thing in Germany other than hyperinflation. Guess who made his first attempt at taking control of the German government in 1923. Although it failed, Adolf Hitler and his crew of madmen attempted the Beer Hall Putsch in Munich that year. Their next attempts, some year later, at controlling Germany would not fail as the memories of the most terrible economy in the western world was still fresh in the minds of Germans. Hitler played that to his advantage along with several other factors and almost conquered the world. So as you should be aware, that terrible German economy in great part led to WWII and the destruction of much of Europe & Asia and the deaths of an estimated 75-80 million people (source).
With what is going on in the Ukraine, with the commodity shortages around the world, with inflation at its highest rate in a long long time, with the military buildup of China, North Korea, Iran and other non-western-friendly countries - let's hope it is not about to happen again!
I don't know about you but as for me, I've got some food shopping to do. This stuff I can highly recommend and it will be high on my list (although I do prefer the reduced sodium version, this one is also excellent and has a fairly long "Best By" shelf life):
Spam Classic, 12 Ounce Can (Pack of 12)

All the best,
Glenn B