Saturday, August 31, 2019

Another White Racist Cop Stops A Black Person...

...based on race - at least that is what some probably believe even though it obviously was not the case.

A woman reportedly: went into a convenience store to try to get some freebies using the badge and gun of her police officer friend who had just loaned them to her for that purpose. A Gwinnet (County?), GA Police officer noticed the woman, unfamiliar to him, was wearing a badge and gun and getting freebies. He subsequently pulled over her car and questioned whether or not she was an officer. She allegedly immediately drew the race card and shoved it in his face by in essence saying she was being stopped because she was black. She was arrested and later released on bond. The friend who had loaned her the badge and gun was immediately put under investigation by her department; she quit the same day. More here.

Imagine had that bitch woman made a move that looked to the officer like she was going for the gun and he then fatally shot her. BLM, ANTIFA, Al Sharpton, all the race baiting libturd leftist politicians & bureaucrats and probably just about half of all Americans would be screaming for the officers head and he would be going through hell. 

Yes, everyone has their prejudices but not everyone is a racist and not all white police officers are racists, in fact the great majority of them are not racists. This though definitely was a racist incident in my opinion but as I see it, the only obvious racist in this instance was the bitch woman wearing the badge impersonating an officer and then pulling out the race card as soon as she got caught. 

I have to add, it always amazes me that in many departments and in many communities it is routine for an officer to accept gratuities on a regular recurring basis. I was once offered a free refill of a Big Gulp at 7-Eleven in my first months as a Border Patrol Agent. I turned it down and I questioned the other agent with me who had accepted it. He then explained that, at that time, 7-Eleven was offering free refills to anyone.  I wound up feeling like a horse's ass. Regardless of how I felt in that incident, I never once took a gratuity from anyone throughout my 32 plus year LE career except at sanctioned events like Christmas parties where we were allowed, by regulation, to partake of free food and drink up to a certain dollar value and so long as it was being offered to all participants. 

That some make taking gratuities a daily routine, even if sanctioned by their department or agency, has always bothered me. The possibility of an LE officer later showing favoritism to the gift giver or committing some other impropriety or merely allowing for others to perceive a hint of impropriety based on those gratuities does not bode well for that officer, that department or for law enforcement in general. It also is disturbing, to me, because many in LE seem to believe they are entitled to such gratuities because they somehow believe, by way of their LE job, that they in general deserve and are entitled to more than the rest of the community. As you can see in this instance, that attitude evidently was so instilled in the mind of the officer (who loaned her friend her badge and gun so the friend could also be able to get gratuities) that she applied it to her friend as being deserving of like treatment. 

I recall reading a passage, I think in a Joseph Wambaugh book - maybe The Choir Boys, or The Glitter Dome or another one or two of his books I read - about a rookie cop asked his senior partner why he would not accept even a cup of coffee as a gratuity. The older cop tells the novice that a free cup of coffee leads to another gratuity and that to another and eventually you wind up in jail for taking bribes. He pointed out a telephone booth (a thing of the past to youngsters today) and essentially said "See that phone booth over there, after a week of me, a black cop, being in jail, you'd be able to slide that up my ass without lube.  (Mind you that is what I remember and I read that about 39 years ago so allow me some leeway if I don't remember it just right.) Anyway, it was that thought about the phone booth - and what would have happened to me in jail that would have allowed it to fit so easily - that kept me honest throughout career in LE. If I ever have the chance, I'd like to thank Joseph Wambaugh in person for that gem and thus for keeping me on the straight and narrow all for those years.

All the best,
Glenn B

Imagine That This POS...

 ...and illegal alien (no not illegal immigrant, not undocumented migrant, not anything but a reportedly 5x deported illegal alien, and a definite piece of shit in my estimation) instead had been a legal gun owning U.S. Citizen, who was a life member of the NRA, in the same exact courts for the same exact crime. You probably safely can bet he would have been found guilty on all counts and put away for life if not executed. crime. Yet, as an illegal alien repeat offender, he was found guiltless and my bet is it was all due to leftist California libturds and politics. Don't know what I am talking about, well an appeals court in California overturned the single charge of which the killer of Kate Steinle was convicted. More at the source

Now what is going to happen to him? Will he be retried? Maybe and maybe not. If not retried - will he be released. Isn't California one of those so called sanctuary states (if not San Fransicko certainly is a sanctuary city) and doesn't that mean CA authorities will refuse to turn this POS over to Immigration & Customs Enforcement for federal charges he faces and for eventual deportation! Much of this country has become a third world shithole - full of the scum of Mexico, Central and South America and elsewhere - because of libturd insanity.

All the best,
Glenn B

What A Difference A Day, Three Beers...

...a bacon cheeseburger and a cute young waitress can make. In other words, I am feeling much improved since last night after the cheeseburger/beer, waitress therapy. Nope, the issues are not resolved but I do feel much better in general and figure that the problems will be worked out sooner or later.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Feeling Totally Miserable...

...due to a personal issue that took place today. In fact, I probably am dejected more than I have ever felt before in my lifetime. I've never have wanted to have a drink so much at any other time in my life than I do right now. Yet the four bottles I have on hand remain corked and will remain so throughout the night. No matter how much I'd like to get sloshed right now, I am pretty sure it would accomplish nothing in making things better. Maybe I'll have a snort tomorrow evening but for now, I'll just feel crappy and live with it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, August 23, 2019

Justice Involved Person!

How ridiculous can Californians, especially those in San Fransicko Francisco, get? They reportedly have changed the term "Convicted Felon" to "Justice Involved Person" (source) when they could have done justice by leaving it as convicted felon. After all, being called a convicted felon is the perfect definition for a person who has been convicted of a felony (and who subsequently has not been exonerated).

Of course, San Fransisco politicians could have renamed them as it says in the meme above; I am sure many citizens would agree with that sentiment. 

Seriously though, the problem with calling a convicted felon a "Justice Involved Person" is that use of the term in such a manner seemingly pays absolutely no heed to any distinction between convicted felons and anyone else who has in any way shape or form been involved with the course of justice in this country. Have you ever been to traffic court to fight a ticket? Win or lose your case, you were involved with the justice system and therefore could easily be classified as a Justice Involved Person. Same goes for anything to do in civil court, criminal court or even merely something to do with a violation where you never even appeared in court; all of them involve you having been involved with our system of justice. Come to think of it, Justice Involved Person would necessarily include every law enforcement officer, court official (like judges, bailiffs, stenographers, etc...), corrections officer, witnesses, complainants and on down the line - anyone who has at all been involved in our system of justice. 

The truly sad thing about this is now some other city or state may try to come up with something even more outlandish (NY comes to mind) since it seems, at least to me, one libturd berg or state tries to outdo the other on a perpetual basis in their quest to become the Libturd Utopia of the Looney Universe (LULU - and remember you read descriptive name and that acronym first here at Ballseyes Boomers).

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Bubble Brain Blues - I Got Em (Updated- No I Do Not Have An Aneurysm!)




A few months back I had a couple incidents of losing my balance, did not think much of it since I have neuropathy from radiation treatments back when I had throat cancer. Then I started to have some vision problems, I was seeing white flashes of light but only when on my using my laptop. I had at first thought it was from the laptop but after it happening several times I realized it was my eyes. Then I started to get infrequent headaches, again something I have had before and I figured or should say hoped they were from me getting and achy and stiff neck at times also due to radiation treatments from way back when. Thing was these were different, more like ones I had in 2016 when I was diagnosed as having had cerebral ischemia that being in the form of a transient ischemic attack (TIA or mini-stroke) and as having cerebral infarction (necrotic brain tissue due to a stroke) - both things considered minor at the time - just pain the the arse stuff (or should I say pain in the neck & head).

When I drove down to AR in June, I saw what amounts to visions - no not like demons or gods - of auras colored around the edges floating in my field of view; this with both eyes open, or one or the other closed or even when both were closed. This concerned me but it all went away and I figured maybe it was due to the stress of getting separated, leaving other family behind, selling the house, moving to AR and on and on. Thing is it all came back maybe weeks or a month later except for the balance loss. Headaches were and remain much worse this time around.

I went to see a family or general practitioner (henceforth 'the doc'). He sent me to an eye doctor and to get a CT scan of the brain. He also called in for an additional amount of my BP med to increase the dosage for me BUT I found out later that he gave prescription for a different medication in amount of 40 pills (when I had told him only to use mail order if it was 90 pills - three month supply). Never explained or discussed any of that with me about the new drug, what dose to take, whether or not to discontinue either of my other BP meds or anything about it.

Well, I got the CT scan last Monday at local hospital. On Tuesday I went to the eye doc. Eye doc said I have blood vessel damage in back of each eye most likely due to very high blood pressure over the long term or to BP spike over the long term. He also said that my high BP is the probable cause of my vision problems and my headaches. On Friday, I called 'the doc' to ask what were the results of my CT scan. His nurse calls me back after business hours to tell me they suspect I have a aneurysm and need to get another test, a CTA Scan, BUT they have to call my health insurer to see if they will pay. I told her no preauthorization is needed and she said they were not seeking preauthorization just if my plan would pay for it. I told her my symptoms were worse and I asked her about the BP med prescription and asked what to do to avoid making things worse. She told me to avoid any strenuous activity that would raise my blood pressure. I wanted to ask under what circumstances if any I would need to go to an ER. Somehow the call ended without further info. I guess because it was later Friday afternoon. Life went on and my headaches that started on Friday evening blossomed into a winner over this weekend and continues somewhat lessened as I type on late Tuesday night. Wow a five day headache!

Yesterday, I called 'the doc's' office and left a message, at about 0906, for the nurse asking if the CTA scan had been approved by my insurer. She called me back at about 1018 and told me yes it was okayed and that she had made an appointment for me to have the scan done. I had to wonder when she was going to call had I not made my inquiry. The test was scheduled for 1330 and she told me to be there at 1300.

I got there a few minutes early. I checked in, the receptionist for outpatient had my name illegibly scribbled on a sheet of lined paper; she had to ask me to spell it for her so she could write it on that same sheet legibly.  Then she sent me to a waiting area. After about five or ten minutes a woman called my name, then she asked my for the order from 'the doc's' office because they had failed to send it. I explained to her they told me 'the doc' or his nurse had arranged for everything, she said that is usually the case but they had not sent the order and she would have to call them. Maybe another ten or 15 minutes at most went by and another woman called me inside to register me. Then off to wait for the test another five or ten minutes. Then the test which the tech told me she had to redo because something had been positioned wrong and she only scanned the very top of my head (with radiation I must say I did not need), the first time around! Then it was finally done.

Today, I called 'the doc's' office and again left a message for his nurse asking for the test results and such. She called me back about an hour and a half later to tell me the diagnosis. Here is how things went from there:

The aneurysm was been verified. Doc had his nurse call me, but only after I made my inquiry, to tell me it is an aneurysm and to say that he had consulted with a cardiologist. The nurse said the consensus between 'the doc' and the cardiologist was to do nothing. Then the nurse told me 'the doc' wanted to know what was the ophthalmologist's solution to all this (remember 'the doc' sent me  for a CT scan and to and to see this particular ophthalmologist, in fact 'the doc' made the appointment for me and then, a week after that, he made an appointment for the CTA Scan, because I have been having bad headaches and vision problems and a couple of episodes of losing my balance). Why did he not call the ophthalmologist if the eye doc had not called 'the doc' with the results of the eye exam!

I should mention, in today's call, the nurse told me nothing about my BP or about my request for a BP med prescription that, in an earlier call, I had told her he seemingly got wrong last time I saw him. Nor did she ask if my symptoms had worsened since I last left info on that in my earlier message for the doc. Somehow the call was over before I could ask more. Odd now that I think of it, and it only  now crossed my mind, nothing was said by the nurse of my prior cerebral ischemia or cerebral infarction in the results of either of the recent scans - did they miss that, I mean I don't think evidence of those things just disappear! 

So what was my reaction to her call? Bing-bing-bing, whooping siren sounds, loud whistles - all going off after the nurse said what she said 'the doc' had told her to tell me and also since she did not mention my BP or ask if my symptoms had worsened since she spoke to me last Friday! Those bells, sirens and whistles were also going off because apparently, 'the doc' never got word back from the eye doc and never bothered to call him to ask about my visit there and for his findings. The eye doc had told me, I have broken blood vessels at back of both eyes most likely due to very high blood pressure over a long term or very high BP Spikes over the long term and that is probably also causing the headaches and vision issues. Why 'the doc' did not call the eye doc to get his diagnosis and why 'the doc' consulted with a cardiologist instead of a neurosurgeon is beyond me. As I mentioned, I have some experience with headaches of this nature wherein I was diagnosed as having cerebral infarction caused by cerebral ischemia, that was back in 2016. I had to see either a neurologist or neurosurgeon back then - not a cardiologist.

What to do? I consulted with and RN at Blue Cross FEP. I gave all of my symptoms to the RN and told him about the recent visits for medical attention for these issues. He told me a neurosurgeon is the type of doctor to consult with about an aneurysm of the brain, and made it clear to me that a cardiologist was not the doctor to consult about an aneurysm in the brain which seems to agree with my care back in 2016. He also said, I can consult a general practitioner type or a cardiologist about my high BP. Tomorrow, I'm going to make an appointment to see a neurosurgeon as soon as possible and to also see a cardiologist. Oh how I wish I was in NY to do all this - medical care and practitioners there are much more abundant than here.

Meanwhile, my current headache has been ongoing since Friday evening - a new record for me and it's not like I routinely have had headaches throughout my life but it is seemingly becoming a routine as of late.

I also need to see a lawyer ASAP to have my will changed, someone who should not be named is the main beneficiary of that and of my life insurance. Damn, I am The Great Procrastinator - we've been separated for over two months and still have not done those two very important things. I really want to leave all my money equally split between my son and my grandson (my daughter's son - and I hope she understands that is a good thing), and all of my guns, ammo and personal belongings to my son to do with as he see fit.

I kinda, sort of, more or less feel like the WW(ofthe)W when she said: "I'm melting - melting. Oh what a world, what a world...".

This sucks but I hope to get through it. Just in case I do not, allow me to say: My life's been extraordinary so far, at least in good part thanks to my readers here and of course due to all my friends and mostly due to my family. I hopefully will keep you informed.

All the best,
Glenn B

PS: If anyone is wondering why I wrote this here on my blog, it is a record of the goings on with my medical care for the lawyers should something go wrong and is a record for the lawyers as to what is my last will and testament. And yes, I am definitely still of sound mind.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Finally - Leftists Have Slipped Up And Admitted Why...

 ...they want our guns, then when they have disarmed us they want to kill us.

We kind of, sort of, really knew it all along but its nice to see them admit it by coming out with that movie.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, August 17, 2019

I Left NY But I Can't Get Away From...

...the Hessney Auction Company firearms auctions. They had  one a week ago today and I bid on several guns. That I bid on several guns online kind of surprised me because I know their online photos are not always that great. So, I take much more of a chance that I'd wind up with a clunker after viewing them online than when I would attend the preview and examine guns in hand before a live, in person, auction. What I have done in the past, when I could not attend in person, was to send them an email and ask about the condition; I trust them implicitly to give me a good condition report. What additionally surprised this time was that I did not do that and then bid merely based on the online photos and on the fact that one was listed "as new, in box". Even more of a surprise was that I had the high bid on three of them.

I was a bit anxious waiting for them to arrive, concerned I might open the box and find something that I would not have bought if there in person. Well, that anxiety ridden wait did not last long, all of exactly one week since I bid on them. I was at a gun show in Conway, AR today  having a decent time trying sell two rifles to replenish funds after some recent firearms purchases (like the ones I made online from the Hessney auction on Saturday) and was having a nice time walking around looking at what was available. There were lots of ARs and such but I mainly was concentrating on guns made of steel and wood, what can I say but the older ones enthrall me. Don't get me wrong I just bought an AR a couple of weeks ago and an AK (made I the US of A) a couple of weeks before that; so, it's not like I only shop for firearms that are edging on becoming antiques - it is just that them better grab my interest being they're old like me. I wasn't only looking, I had two rifles slung on my shoulders that I was selling - a Browning BL-22 Classic and a Remington 141. Around 1105, just over an hour after I got to the show, I got a text from USPS telling me the gun had been delivered. Maybe a half hour later, one of the owners of R&J Pawn & Loan in Benton, AR (the one of the once called fairer sex) called me to let me know my three guns had been delivered. Since they were only going to be open until 2PM and since I had not yet sold either rifle, I told her I'd stop by on Monday.

Not ten minutes had gone by and the BL-22 was gone, sold for a nice chunk of change. Around 1230, after walking around the venue a few times more hoping someone would take a liking to the Rem. 141, I felt an ache in my back and decided to call it quits with the Rem 141 still slung on my shoulder. I headed out to the car one gun down, one to go (maybe tomorrow). On the drive back, I called R&J Pawn and told them I'd be there by 130. Picked up the guns, brought em back to my son's place, put the box in a corner, futzed around for a while with the guns still sitting in the corner. Brendan, who was more eager to see them than me got the box to take a look. He opened the box and pulled out the Mossberg 185 K-A bolt action 20 gauge, took off some of the bubble wrap and more or less gave the opinion of "meh".

All the pics are online auction catalog photos of the actual guns I bought.

Next he pulled out the Third Model Iver Johnson Safety Automatic Hammer in 22 caliber. He was impressed and so was I, it is in excellent condition. Nice revolver but now I have to figure out which size 22 rounds it will accept. It is Iver Johnson's first smokeless powder revolver as far as I am aware so it should at least be okay with 22S if not L or LR.

Next came the big money gun of the three - a Colt Frontier Scout (my favorite of the three) with walnut grips, in as new condition in the original box. Much to my relief and to my satisfaction is that it really is in pretty much as new condition with only a minor ding (no finish loss) in one grip and a tiny amount of finish loss from a scratch probably due to an idiot taking off the cylinder, a screw is also slightly dinged and there is a very slight rub mark on the barrel. It is at least 98-99% condition and my estimate is 99%. I have seen many a brand new gun in a gun store display looking worse than this one due to handling by customers and store clerks.

It came in the original box with what I am guessing is an original yellow(ed) wax paper type wrapping, papers including: the direction sheet pamphlet (manual) and the apparent original sales receipt. The receipt is from Kuharsky Bros. Inc. Custom Rifle Builders of Erie PA and is dated February 22, 1965; its sale price was a whopping $51.98 of which $2.48 was tax. I suppose a trip to the gun store to pick this up was a nice diversion for the buyer on a cold winter's day.

Once of the nicest things is there is no cylinder ring and it appears as if never fired except maybe if they did a factory test sot or three. Sadly the box is not in as good a shape as is the revolver with its corners taped but it is okay and is original. This revolver, according to the Colt Archives was manufactured in 1960. That is would have sat around in a gun shop for five years before being sold baffles me but I guess it is possible. Of course, it could have been a second hand sale but it is in such good condition I am guessing it was the first time sale.

 I am a happy shootist.

After looking them over, we went out to Texas Roadhouse for a steak dinner. That cash from the sale of the Browning was burning a hole in my pocket. The dinner was excellent and big enough to get a to-go box for almost half of it. Once back at his place, I took a good look at the Iver Johnson again, I like it. Then, I took a good look at the Mossberg, pulling al of the bubble wrap off of it. It too was in excellent condition. The metal is excellent with only two small patches of surface rust and the wood has some very small dings and a few scuffs to the finish. I had a bit of concern when I realized someone, probably while viewing it at the auction preview, had put in the magazine backwards. It took some finagling to get it out but out it came and it looked none the worse for having been forced and wedged into the mag well by whichever arsehat did that. 

 The Mossy is a bolt action 20 gauge with a C-Lect choke screwed on over the end of the barrel at the muzzle. About the only thing that may not be right about this shotgun is that the buttplate may be a replacement as it does not seem to fit quite right. No big concern with that, there are originals available now and again if I decide to change it. I got this one for about 44% of the Blue Book value based on my estimate of its condition. I have been thinking of making it a wood refinish project like I did with my Mossberg 395 SA Slugster and my Voere 22 rifle; then again, I may keep it as is.

I made out pretty well on prices. When I add in shipping and FFL fees, it winds up it probably cost me less to bid on them online than it did when I drove the 305 miles (each way) to the live auction, stayed in a motel overnight and then drove back home. Considering I sold the BL-22 today for just over 58% of what these three cost me, my collecting hobby is helping fund itself. When I sell the Remington 141, I'll have a nice sized stash to put toward another couple of auction guns or so I'd like to believe. 

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Been Busy This Week...

...having medical tests done, moving my stuff out of storage in AR to my new apartment in Wake Village, TX yesterday, getting ready to sell some guns at an upcoming gun show (of course I may not sell a thing but one can hope), searching out the best deals on 5,56 NATO ammo, searching the Internet for a good mattress/bed deal (or maybe for now I'll just borrow my son's air mattress and wait until next week since Labor Day sales will be headed our way) and other such stuff. 

Looking forward to the gun show in Conway, AR this weekend. Then next week, I'll be relocating to TX from my temporary stay here in AR since early July. Yep, TX won out over TN but that may only be temporary; I still think the better deal on land and a house will be fond there.

Lest I forget to mention, I recently saw a public display of our president's name and thought: "What An Ass"!

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, August 10, 2019

I'm Betting Mass Shootings Are Not Caused By The Guns, Stupid

Tonight, I am going to try an experiment to see if what that meme above says is factual. I am going to load one of my so called "evil black rifles" and then I am going to leave it loaded on a table. I will make it potentially much more evil by leaving some extra 30 round loaded magazines on the table with it to keep it company and replenish with ammo it should it decide to get up during the night and go out on a killing spree. Then, I am going to go to bed. 

When I wake up tomorrow (if it does not kill me while I sleep) I am going to scour the Internet media sites to see how many mass killings it committed all on its own while I slept. Would any of you die-hard leftists like to accept the odds I am giving - of every penny I own against you no longer posting/ thinking/ believing stuff like that - that my gun will not have caused a single death let alone will not have caused a mass murder by tomorrow, on its own volition, even though I left it loaded & alone to be free to bring about whatever mayhem it possibly could have caused? In other words, I am betting it is not the guns, at least not mine, that are causing mass shootings. Got it - stupid!

All the best,
Glenn B

He Was On Suicide Watch But...

...evidently no one was checking on his visitors. 

Now Jeffrey Epstein is dead from an apparent suicide (source)! Yeah, right.

Not saying there is any connection, this is the humor and satire part.
There was certainly a long list of folks who would want him out of the picture including politicians, businessmen, royalty and his victims.

I hope they are keeping a better watch on Virginia Giuffre; the woman who reportedly made allegations against him and several others.

All the best,
Glenn B

Things Coming Together

Picked up my Ar from my local FFL yesterday. I have not shot it yet but gotta say it looks nice and the trigger pull ios crisp and smooth, in fact pretty impressive. It's a Stag Arms 15 OCR. 

I also got the sights for it at the post office this morning. Dumb ass I can be, I forgot to put down the apartment number for the delivery address and when they tried to deliver ithe sights yesterday they could not.I checked the tracking number last night, thinking they should have arrived by yesterday and saw the delivery failure notice. Lucky for me they diod not attempt a second time and they had them in the back room when I went to check on them.

Also drove over to Texarkana today and rented an apartment in Wake Village,TX - just south of Texarkana (as in attached to its arse more or less). No great digs but decent nice enough for me (and my tortoises) for the term of my one year lease and the ladies in the rental office are very nice. The lease, by the way, costs less than a month's rent to break, that is should I decide the place sucks. My guess though is it will be fine. Kind of an old tub in the bathroom (is 1.5 BA apartment/townhouse, 2 story) but it all looked clean, at least during a fast once over.  The kitchen is nice, the appliances all look pretty new and are stainless. I'll be moving in sometime this coming week or next, need to get the keys later this coming week. I'll have to hit Home Depot, next time I am in Texarkana, for a folding table and chairs for the kitchen and for some cinder blocks and boards to make some temporary shelves until I kind find some decent second hand furniture. Will also need to at least get a decent couch and a bed; although, a good couch is more important than the bed as it can do double duty. I am in no hurry to furnish the place, just need some basics for now.

Was hoping to get back to Texarkana tomorrow with Brendan, on the AR side, for a gun show, then head to a range west of Hot Springs to shoot the new AR and AK and whatever else, then to Bubba Brews on Lake Hamilton for some excellent food before heading home. Since Brendan is out at a neighbor's apartment getting more plastered than he was before he walked out the door and oh was he plastered), my guess is I will be on my own tomorrow to do any of that or will have to wait until Sunday to see if he will be up to it. Oh well, time will tell.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, August 5, 2019

Not On The Fence Anymore

Today, I took a leap off of the weather beaten & slippery top of the fence at Procrastinators' Ridge and once again plummeted into the dark (and some think evil) Void Of The Black Gun. I ordered a Stag Arms 15 ORC with Magpul furniture. The gun was a good deal, under $600 shipped from Cheaper Than Dirt (do not lambaste me for buying from them, the little gray cells forgot about their past practices but already got a wake up call by someone on a forum today after I bought it). I also ordered a set of  flip up from Midwest Industries at about 1/3 the price of the gun!

Now the wait not so much to receive the rifle but for me to take it to the range once I've picked it up from the local dealer to where it is shipping. Thanks to me ordering a combo ammo/magazine deal from Palmetto State Armory some weeks back, in anticipation of me buying an AR once out of NYistan, I've got the ammo and ten extra P-Mags besides the one it comes with the gun. It should be more than enough of what I'll need to make sure it is broken in right. Come to think of it, I'll need to bring along the Century Arms AK when I make the range trip for the AR; have not fired one shot through that one yet either.

Does this make me evil now that I own two black guns? Perish the thought but whatever I look like to some leftist fruitcake loons, I am going to have fun with it and keep it ready for whatever. Not a chance though of me walking into a church or school or library or department store or anywhere else and shooting anyone with one of them. Then again, if it was to defend those inside from a psycho-shooter, that could be another story. And with all due respect, that last was not to make light of the recent shootings. I truly hope, if I ever was in such a situation, I would do what I could to end the threat swiftly and save lives. My thoughts and prayers have gone out to all the victims of the recent shootings in the news.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Great Procrastinator: On The Fence About Buying An AR Now Or Wating A Few Days

I've been thinking of buying an AR 15 since I got out of NY and I have been looking at them a bit lately. I was in no big hurry, especially since I bought a century Arms AK soon after I got out of Cuomoistan and I have been spending much more than I have coming in lately.

Anyway, my son has two Stag Arms ARs, one a piston model and the other direct gas impingement type, and he likes both of em very much. So I looked over the available options at Stag Arms. I also read about them in reviews and forums. I am pretty much sold on getting a Stag Arms AR.

The one that I liked the most is the Stag 15 Retro. Besides being a lookalike to the original AR 15, it has a 20", 1 in 7, barrel and I much prefer that to a 16".  After seeing a video of guy shooting a .75" group with one at 100 yards, that was good enough to convince me that it would be more than good enough for me. Add to that their overall good reviews, their excellent warranty and that they are made in the USA and what is not to like! I searched for one online for several hours last night and again today - none seem to be available and I looked at all of the big time dealer's sites and many truly obscure firearms dealer's sites. They have plenty of other models but I am not all that interested in ones with a 16" barrel, nor models with a 20"or longer barrel that are made for varmint hunting. The Retro is the one I want; so, I sent Stag Arms an inquiry to see when they would become available again but do not expect an answer until tomorrow at the earliest and probably a day or two after that realistically speaking.

Today, I have been wavering on awaiting their response; that is now that this second crazy mass shooting has taken place with a 24 hour period. Of course, let's not forget the other cowardly and heinous shooting of innocents from last week at the garlic festival in CA. The usual political pandering has already commenced and other knee jerk reactions certainly will soon commence. 

I figure, some dealers may stop selling evil black AR type rifles, others may stop selling AKs (used in El Paso at Walmart), certain types of ammo may no longer be stocked at least temporarily and an executive order eroding more of our RKBA may come down from our well meaning but seemingly sometimes gun rights challenged commander in chief. What to do: wait calmly - or judging by past actions after such instances - buy now before it is too late? Buying one now is quite tempting because if the shit storm of anti-gun sentiments and emotions over the latest shootings does adversely affect firearms sales then at least I will have my AR. On the other hand, if things go calmly and sensibly and gun sales are not impinged - well then, I can always  uy the one I preferred when and if it is offered again. A certain retailer has one, the Stag Arms 15 ORC for about $60 - $80 less expensive than anywhere else. It's a 16" model and does not come with sites. Thus, I'd have to settle for the shorter barrel and also would have to figure to add another $200 more or less for metal sights or even more for glass.

My decision comes down to which path to take, do I: look to another manufacturer and buy their model now; wait for Stag to reply to my inquiry before deciding which to buy; buy the other but available Stag at a great price now; buy the Stag now and then buy the Retro if and when Stag offers them again; or do I just keep putting things off and live up to being The Great Procrastinator. Damn decisions, decisions, decisions!

All the best,
Glenn B