Saturday, May 2, 2009

As Things Would Have It...

I was all ready to blog tonight and just came to the business center in the hotel. I sat down ans started to log on, then realized i was not wearing my glasses. Guess where they are. If you guessed back in my room, well let me just say I hope you are right because I put them on top of my car when I got done hiking this evening. Hopefully I took them off of the car's roof and brought them back to my room. So as it is I am typing in a not quite blind state, but certainly a very blurry one. With that said let me just add that I had a great exercise and nature hike yesterday and another slower but just as good nature hike today. I got what I believe are some decent pictures of two or three species of lizard, and one interesting one of a lizard in a bizarre state that I will wait to comment on further until I can edit the pic for posting on the blog. I am working through either Wednesday or Thursday so it may be a while, but I will do my best to post again sooner than later; and next time will have my glasses right where they belong.

all the best,
Glenn B