Saturday, October 16, 2021

Alive & Relatively Well But...

 ...too disgusted with our president, his administration and libturds in general to blog much about current events. It is amazing to me, even though I am 66 and thus not a noob with regard to being experienced relative to politics, that Biden is apparently guilty of virtually everything of which the leftists accused President Trump (with no real evidence for any of it). In fact, there is plenty of damning hard cold evidence against Biden and against his son and other members of his administration; yet, the lefties ignore the evidence and in essence the media buries it. In fact, no matter how badly Biden and his covert handlers screw up, the leftists adore him as if he is the savior of the USA. It disgusts me and I am not a Republican nor a Conservative; if I had to pick my brand of politics I would be closest to being a Libertarian but one who thinks somewhat more government is necessary than most Libertarians believe.
So, as it turns out, I have not been blogging much about anything lately because chances are if I had been, it only would have been about politics and I'd only have gotten myself more disgusted than I am right now. Mainly, I am disgusted and disheartened because I truly foresee a violent civil war in our near future if things do not change drastically and for the better soon. The decline in the world standing of the USA, the debacle in Afghanistan, the coziness with Red China, the destruction of the sovereignty of the United States by way of opening our southern border to a mass invasion of illegal aliens (fuck not they are not immigrants), the huge spike in rampant violent crime, the trend toward releasing criminals after arrest with no bail, the tolerance for crimes of all sorts including violent ones, the birth of the defund the police movement, acceptance by the libs of BLM and ANTIFA as good-guy groups as opposed to the apparent reality that they are terrorist and criminal organizations, inflation running wild, continued unemployment supported by the welfare state mentality, the continuation of the Covid-19 manufactured crisis (yes it is a crisis to some extent on its own but the libs have expanded that crisis beyond belief, the destruction of our education system and its replacement with those on the left brainwashing our youth in schools, the gall of the government to want to investigate those who disagree with certain government & education policies such as teaching CRT and such, the presidency having been turned in a puppet figure under the control of handlers, the unchecked erosion of citizen's rights and on and on. Damn it, what did I just say about it making me more disgusted -  now my blood is boiling thinking about the mess these leftist pieces of shit have gotten us into.
All the best,
Glenn B