Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hi My Name Is Glenn - I Am An Addict

I haven’t bought any ammunition for almost 2 months now. I am still catching up on my debt because of all of it that I bought in the few months leading up to the implementation of the NY SAFE Act’s ammunition sale restrictions. While I guess I really don’t need any new ammo right now anyway, the thing is, I am having still craving buying more and more of it. I keep looking for ammo deals and worrying whether or not I have enough put away to last me through a nuclear winter, a zombie apocalypse, an invasion by the Chinese, an invasion by the Canadians, DHS trying to wrest control of all of the ammunition in private hands, our president trying to destroy the Constitutional Republic that was once the USA to instill a tyranny, or whatever other crises may arise. I repeatedly go onto websites to search out ammo deals even though I cannot buy ammo online unless I have it shipped to a dealer in NY who can then transfer it to me after first running a background check on me (of course that meaning he will charge a fee to do the check and to do the transfer). I start counting the cash in my pocket each time I hear about a good price on a caliber that I shoot. I am hoarding what I have in stock, I can’t bring myself to go to the range to shoot any of what I currently have in storage. I am an ammo addict and I know it. Am I going to change, hell no - at least not regarding the desire and need to stock up on more ammo. A trip to PA is in my near future to search some out - maybe at Cabela’s or at an upcoming gun show in the Keystone State. I need more ammo!!!!!! ;>)


All the best,
Glenn B