Thursday, February 3, 2022

Almost Caught Myself... the nick of time (but had the interruption of Skye letting me know she needed another walk) with several minutes left for me to say it yet to you today yesterday - Happy Groundhog's Day! It is the bestest darned holiday of them all! Yes it is a holiday - in fact it is a Highly Venerated Holiday amongst we rodentia fans. The most respected of February's rodent harbingers - of the extent of the rest of winter - is Punxsutawney Pete Phil. Phil, if you were unaware, is a Groundhog. Phil predicted 6 more weeks of winter (of course he is was absolutely right).

As for me & my enjoyment of the holiday, I did little today yesterday except: listened to the news about Punxsutawney Phil's prediction for this winter; watched TV; surfed the net, went to the dog park twice (saw some friends there); bought some ammo; walked the pooch several times for short walks (no more than 3/4 of a mile each); heated up lefties for dinner & then ate dinner (and maybe had a glass of vin or three). It was all enjoyable.
It has been my kind of holiday. What makes it my kind you might or might not wonder. Well there is no need for advance preparation; no on the day preparation; no special meals; no relatives over except maybe for the invited best if one so desires & no need to have them either if not desired; no buying anything like dinner, supper, snacks, wines, booze, beer (except for consumption by self and maybe by the pooch); no gifts of any kind have to be given to anyone except maybe to self & pooch. There is also zero obligation to share the holiday with others or on the other hand -  yes you can share it freely. Finally there is the extremely satisfying feeling of being able to keep at least one holiday a year - this one - to yourself just for yourself (and maybe a bit for a mooching canine mixed breed too). 
Nice for me was it today, as usual on this my favorite holiday. I think my mutt Skye enjoyed it too while never knowing anything about the day's significance to me. Ignorance is bliss or so they say and I wonder if that's why they call it a dog's life when meaning a good life - because pooches are blissfully ignorant about most things. 
Anyway, what an excellent day was it for me us (me & the mongrel)! I hope it was likewise for you.
All the best,
Glenn B