Tuesday, May 7, 2024

What Is Wrong With People - Are We All Going Crazy...

 ...or is it just those of us who live in so called Blue states, especially ones on the west coast that have been driven to what appears to be insanity?
I am not talking about the recent anti Israel protests and riots (many amounted to nothing else but riotting) but just people acting totally bonkers in everyday situations wherein their actions are totally off the wall. My prime example today is that of a woman in Los Angeles who allegedly boarded a bus that is free of charge (according to some reports - source) and then attacked the bus driver because the driver would not accept a dollar as payment from the woman; however, in the accompanying video here the reporter says the woman refused to pay the bus fare. Either way this is crazy behavior. There is video of the woman ripping open a safety door that separates the driver from passengers and then evidently assaulting her.
I wonder, just how frigging crazy does one have to be to do something like that for the reason given in the news reports, that the driver would not accept the money because either the bus ride was free or the fare was 50 cents. We need some kind of miracle to rid society of lunatics is what I think because it is almost assured the woman will probably be arrested and then released the same day to do it all over again or worse if she so desires. I have said it before and will keep on saying it, it is like we live in Bizarro World.
All the best,
Glenn B