Thursday, June 19, 2014

The New Pistols Have Arrived...

...home with me. I drove up to the Geneva, NY area yesterday. Spent the night at Holiday Inn in Canandaigua, then headed to the Hessney Auction house this morning. When I arrived, almost everyone who works there was busy getting ready for their classic car auction of this coming weekend. One nice lady, a shame I did not get her name, was  inside handling those of us who had the high bids on handguns in last Saturday's auction and who had come in to pick them up and deliver the required paperwork. That was quick and painless, in fact delightful as the lady behind the counter was charming.

The rest of my day consisted of driving through the countryside, making a few stops here and there, catching some minnows to bring home as food for my turtles and the drive home. I am hoping that I will have the guns at the range before the weekend is over but first will have to get them on my pistol license. I am hoping to get that done tomorrow.

All the best,