Saturday, August 29, 2015

I Never Made It To The Theater...

...because I was waylaid by my desire for a cold cider. I just headed straight to the pub.

Damned good too.

All the best,

A Hat Tip To

I have got to hand it to, they make an effort to get things right when it comes to disputes between sellers and buyers. That is how it turned out relative to an auction of a shotgun I was offering when the transaction went bad. I was not going to leave any feedback for a buyer who did not meet my terms and conditions of the sale and who sent me a partially illegible FFL then did not send a better copy. Had he sent me a good copy, all would have went well but he kept having excuses for not keeping in touch in a timely fashion and then for not sending a completely legible copy of is dealer's FFL. I was not even going to leave feedback but then the bastard guy had the nerve to leave me bad feedback saying he could not satisfy my demands and tooting his own horn saying he had always had 100 positive feedback as if that was a reason for me to bend over backwards for him and allow the poor copy of the FFL he sent. I fired negative feedback right back at him annotated with the fact that I had copies of every email he sent and of the FFL among other documents. Somewhere in there I filed a claim for a refund of the seller's fees for my auction listing and for the final value fee.

It took awhile, close to a month I am guessing, but GunBroker refunded me the fees and removed the negative feedback that the 'buyer' had left for me. I am once again in the 100% positive feedback class. As for the so called buyer, I checked his feedback and the negative comments I made about him remain. So, it wasn't like GunBroker acted like our educational system where everyone passes or our kids' sports programs where everyone is a trophy winner, but they actually figured out who was at fault and who was not at fault and then corrected the situation in accordance with their finding to penalize the one who was wrong and to accommodate the one who was right. That is good business practice.

figured it would work out in my favor if only because I had everything documented, that even though they never asked for the documentation. I suppose they could pull up all of the emails between me and the 'buyer' since I sent mine through my GunBroker account and I am guessing that was more than enough to prove my side of the issue.

I give my thanks and tip my hat to and to the folks there who handled the dispute. Now I hope the new dispute I filed today goes as ell, I had another so called buyer who has not sent either his FFL or payment and who apparently refused to answer my inquiries as to whether or not he still wanted it. That shotgun, yes it is the same gun in each case, has been proving itself a real pain to sell. Funny thing is that I just sold a Remington model 241, also through GunBroker, and it went without a hitch. Maybe the shotgun is cursed.

All the best,
Glenn B

It's GOB Night Tonight

There will be a Girls Only Bash (GOB) night at my house tonight and I have been told by she who must be obeyed, at least sometimes, that I must vacate the premises.  The last time she held one of these female bacchanalian-like fests, I remained at large in and around the house. That may or may not have been a mistake but regardless of which it was I will find somewhere else to be tonight.

I was thinking of going to the movies. I have not seen a movie, in a theater, in about 5 years or more (actually more as I just checked IMDB and the last one I saw came out in 2008). I got up and walked out on that movie because it sucked. It was a remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still, this one with Keanu Reeves. While I like a lot of stuff I have seen him in, this one was possibly one of the worst movie remakes I have ever seen.

Anyway, I decided to search out any sci-fi movies playing in my local theaters. There were not many listed but one caught my eye: Jurassic World. I liked the other, what was it, three of them. The first was the best but the others were okay for sequels. So, I tuned in the trailer for Jurassic World on my laptop. Watching a minute or two of it convinced me to either select another movie to see or to do something else like go to my local gin mill to have dinner and maybe get sloshed. Of course, I could go to a movie and then to the bar. The thing is, I wanted to see a good sci-fi movie but I just can't imagine that Ant Man, Pixels, The Fantastic Four, or The Avengers - Age of Ultron would be my cup of tea.  Movies about superheroes and video game characters are not usually my type sci-fi; I much prefer something along the lines of The Thing From Another World, Them, Alien, Predator, Terminator, The Day The Earth Stood Still (the 50's original), Jurassic Park, Serenity, Prometheus or The Fifth Element. I think a sci-fi movie tonight is out.

That does not mean I won't see a movie in a theater tonight. I also was a Man From Uncle fan, way back in the day, and also have enjoyed my fair share of Sherlock Holmes movies and shows. Either one of those might temp me to pay a small fortune to get into a theater tonight. If I do choose to see one of them, I suppose I can drink it off later if it sucked. If I like it, who knows, I may visit a theater again within half a decade. Either way, I think I am almost assured a stop at my local pub sometime tonight.

All the best,

I Just Don't Get It

For the life of me, I just don't get the use of the burlap! I suppose maybe a tie on the bottom broke or something like that but burlap!

All the best,