Thursday, December 22, 2022

Another Year Around The Sun...

 ...commenced yesterday (or any day you choose for that matter) but to give some significance as to why I chose yesterday; well, yesterday was the Winter Solstice and days are getting longer after all. Anthropologists used to think that Stonehenge in England was built by the Druids to celebrate the Summer Solstice what with the warmer weather, growing of crops and then the harvest to come. A couple or few years back, I heard an interesting theory on some  quasi-scientific TV show. It said that some had come to the belief that it was actually the Winter Solstice that the Druids were celebrating because the days started to get longer and signified the renewal of life after the Winter Solstice. They supposedly had evidence to support the theory if you can call guesswork about thousands of years old stuff evidence.

Anyway - Happy Winter and happy longer daylight hours.

All the best,
Glenn B