Thursday, August 16, 2018

Do You Think The Judge Believed The Cops...

...when they told him the perp ate the evidence. Thank technology for dash cams.

All the best,
Glenn B

Note To Self: When Selling On

...remember to not only take photos and a video of every visible part of any firearms I am selling but also to take a video showing the gun is fully operational. That way - when a buyer says I sent him a broken gun and claims a part is broken that is not even listed on the parts list for this gun (could be a nomenclature error on his behalf) but I still offer to allow him to return it at my expense (even though it took him one day short of two weeks to pick it up from his dealer) and fully refund money he paid to me as well as the money he would have to lay out for return shipping - I will not have to go through the pain in the arse I am going through now. Next time, with a video showing it in full working order, I will just produce the video and leave it at that.

I sold a Winchester Model 37 recently that was 100% functional when I sold it. Its action opened easily & locked up tight, it fired, it extracted and ejected spent shell casings. The buyer took 13 days to pick it up from his dealer - much longer than any normal inspection period if one is even offered in a auction. I do not offer a return policy in my terms, my terms are "sold as is" to attract serious buyers only.

Regardless, I made three offers for him to return the shotgun - the last one being I would give a 100% refund of the purchase price & his initial shipping fee, I would pay the FFL fee on his end, I would pay for the return shipping fee to me so long as everything about the shotgun (with the possible exception of the so called ejector spring - it is actually an extractor spring) would be the same as when I sent it to him. Of course, that would also mean when and if I got it back - the problem he was claiming would have to be evident. I figured better to offer redress to anyone who honestly thinks an item was not as I described (or who was trying to dishonestly finagle me into giving a partial refund). I have 100% positive feedback at GunBroker and want to keep it that way.

Funny thing is he has not accepted my offer as of yet but maybe I am being too impatient but maybe not since the auction ended well over a month ago. Maybe he will and maybe he won't take my but regardless of that, I will be damned to spend the rest of my days as a horse's derriere if I do not make a video of each gun I sell, from now on, showing it t be 100% functional if I claim such to be the case as I did with his one. There is an old saying - "Buyer Beware" but today, the ways things have changed, we also should be thinking "Seller Beware".

Now mind you, I am not saying this guy is being dishonest, I am just not happy about him claiming the gun was broken when I sent it. I know it was working just fine when I shipped it because I fully tested it. I also gave it a pretty good cleaning and figure maybe I dislodged some fouling, grit or grime (and there was about 60 or 70 years worth of gunk in it) that fouled the extractor spring - a common problem with this model that effects extraction & ejection. Either that or it broke as he was checking it out or fucking with it but I will say I am going to assume (for now) it probably was the fouling issue. He has not told me if he checked on that yet, in fact he said he would not read any further emails from me so I am fairly certain he likes the gun after all. He did remember to threaten me with bad feedback but he has not left any as of yet either. I imagine that is because I will ream him a new asshole with the feedback I would leave for him and offer anyone considering bidding on my items in the future the chance to see my and his emails to figure who was being honest or not.

At this point, if he told me he wanted to take me up on my offer, I think I would quite frankly tell him to go fuck himself bugger off.

All the best,
Glenn B