Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Most Arrogant Man In The World

This video is friggin' great even though I was rather expecting to see a new 'most interesting man in the world' gig when I received it in an email from a friend. The line about Joe Biden having been selected as VP just to show the world that Obama did not need a VP had me laughing so hard and so loud for so long that I had to play the rest of the video over because I missed it due to my laughter. I have never, not ever, heard a better explanation of why - that useless, foul mouthed, bumbling, arse wipe - Joe Biden was chosen to run as Obama's VP. That line alone would have made the video absolutely precious even if the rest of it had sucked. Of course, the rest of it was just about as funny - and sadly - just about as true!

A hat tip to my good friend Bob C. for sending it to me in an email!

All the best,
Glenn B