Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Okay the wash is folded... back to WWIII.

Lest you think I am making light of that about which I have written on the subject, I am not doing so by mentioning my having to fold the wash. As a matter of fact, my having to do so is analogous to leaders of the free world having other more mundane things to which they need to attend than solely worrying about whether or not we are on the verge of the breakout of a real world war. Truth be told, those other more mundane duties need to be done too, but our leaders best not ignore the threat that is percolating not all that far beneath the surface, and that promises to erupt and catch us sleeping as it did the last time around in WWII or on 9/11. The problem with it catching us sleeping this time around is that many of our allies' countries, and our own country, have been inundated by hordes of vermin who would do us harm in the name of their god or of their countries, or in the spirit of simply being anti-America (or anti-democratic Republic).

All the signs are there, for anyone to see, that a very large wear is brewing, that promises to be the harshest war we have yet faced (I fear it will make our losses in Iraq pale in comparison). No holds will be barred this time around. We will face the threats of nuclear, biological, chemical, and radiological strikes, as will our allies. We will face a large number of countries run by fanatics, and populated by the same. We will also be faced with attacks by fanatics who are already within our porous borders. It will, mirror, WWII to a great extent, and it will surpass it in the horrors we are bound to experience. It does not matter much what we do now as to whether or not this war will come, but what does matter now is how we prepare for it. We can be ready to strike with conclusive force in the beginning, or we can again get caught sleeping at the helm. I prefer that we wake up sooner than later and ready ourselves for it, how about you?

All the best,
Glenn B

Venezuela's Congress Grants Chavez Special Powers to Remake Country

To me the above headline from @,2933,248929,00.html sure sounds familiar, at least to something that I learned in history class and while watching the World At War. There is an all to familiar ring of Nazi Germany in all of it. Now before someone gets all bent out of shape and says, no it is not like Nazi Germany because Chavez is not persecuting Jewish people, hold your water. Nazi Germany was not only about persecuting Jews, in fact that was pretty much secondary to the goals of the Nazis like Hitler. The extermination of about 12 to 13 million people in concentration camps, (6 million of them Jewish, leaving 6 to 7 million of other belief systems) was a terrible way to try to achieve an end but was not the overall end that was being achieved. The number one goal was the establishment of the Third Reich, the coming to power, above all else, of the Fatherland.

Now, as I said, should you doubt that this is much the same in Venezuela with Chavez, then you are wrong as per what Chavez's own people have to say. In the words of said National Assembly President
Cilia Flores, according to the FoxNews article: "Long live the sovereign people! Long live President Hugo Chavez! Long live socialism!" And here is another one, maybe a continuation of the first part: "Fatherland, socialism or death! We will prevail!"

This all makes me wonder how close we are to WWIII, a full scale WWIII. Not all that long before WWII broke out in earnest, we pretty much ignored Adolph Hitler and his brown shirt wearing thugs. We ignored Hitler being voted in office. We ignored Hitler getting similar powers in Germany. All the same while, we ignored Hitler's speeches of hate, and we ignored the rearmament of Germany, something that had been forbidden by international treaty. Hitler ignored the treaty too. We also, for the most part, ignored the Japanese in their expansion throughout China and other parts of Asia. We ignored their bad intent so much that we actually sent them scrap metal that they used to build an air force and a navy. We kept on ignoring them all the way up to what had been the worst single attack on American soil prior to 9/11/2001.

We also ignored Mussolini in his rise to power. We ignored his ambitions to conquer northern Africa. Those were considered the big 3 countries of the Axis powers in WWII, but there were others: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, and Croatia were all Axis countries. Look at that list of countries, and look at the list of those that exist today which could, and quite possibly will, form an alliance similar to that of the Axis powers.

Today we have Iran (with a very Hitler like leader, at least in his rhetoric, and apparently in his military buildup and we mostly ignore it, except maybe for GWB). We talk about but otherwise ignore North Korea with a leader rather like the emperor of Japan, though probably mentally ill too, and we mostly ignore his militarism, his buildup of nuclear technology using know how from USA (thanks president Clinton for giving the North Koreans nuclear tech for power plants now being used for nuclear weapons). We also prety much ignore Chavez (trying to get the gas stations to run well) is sort of like Mussolini, a wanna-be big fish who will probably just wind up being chum in the long run, but who nonetheless is now a supreme dictator. Then look to other countries, the smaller ones maybe, but all of them likely to join an Axis of Evil if WWIII breaks out. (Axis of Evil is, by the way, one of the few smart things GWB ever came up with). Those other countries would quite possibly include Cuba, Syria, Libya, Yemen. We pretty much igonore them, and the threat they pose. Sure we jabber about it, hear it on the news now and then to, but basically do nothing. Much like Chamberlain in the UK before WWII, we bend over backwards to appease and tolerate our probable soon to be enemies.

There also would be what could be seen as those countries against us, but not really allied with our enemies. China could be a big one that way. Either as an ally of our enemies or just our enemy, that would hurt us badly. They have no love for us, and would likely love to be the predominant world power, so who knows if they would join an Axis of Evil? If they did, we would need all the help we could get, and from where would it come?

Who could we depend upon as sure allies in a world wide confrontation on the scale of WWII or larger? The Australians, almost assuredly, they have been one of our most loyal allies. The Austrians probably would be neutral. The British, my bet would be yes, but it would be tough to drag them in. The Danish, my bet would be yes. Italy, would be an ally. Poland would be likewise. Other European countries like Germany, France, Spain would all be questionable at best, and possibly team up with our enemies at worst. Russia might be a wild card here, sort of like China, but my bet is they would see it like they did in WWII and become one of the allied powers with the USA.

African nations are a toss up. Most are so unstable that if WWIII broke out, governments in Africa would or could change drastically overnight. Much of South America is likewise. As far as mexico and Canada go, who can tell, though I would hope they were our allies I am none to sure they would side with us.

In the far east, I believe that India and Pakistan (despite their differences with one another) would ally with us. This would cause major internal strife within Pakistan, as it is doing now, but to a greater degree. Japan, would almost assuredly remain our ally, and would likely take an active part in any military aspects of a WW to include deploying Japanese troops on foreign soil for the first time in over ½ a century. They have bee readying for war for quite some time now, they have the foresight to see it coming and being a big one.

Of course, there are plenty of other countries in the world that I have not mentioned. Some will strive to remain neutral, but I am not too certain they will be able to do so if they have Muslim populations mixed in with populations consisting of those of other religions. Yes I am thinking that WWIII will be primarily a war fueled by religious insanity on the part of Islam.

Just as I got on a roll - she who must be obeyed told me the wash is done - meaning I have folding to do. More on this interesting topic later - no not on the wash, on this WWIII stuff...

All the best,

Glenn B

three CD's down now, The Doors Waiting For The Sun, Kelly Clarkson Breakaway, and finally Joe Cocker Ultimate Collection... some fine music.

Tunes for the day...

...actually arrived yestersay in the mail, but I only opened them today. I just started to listen to the first one I grabbed. The Doors Waiting For The Sun; I think it to be one of the best albums at least done by The Doors. They just did not get much better than this one - no one did for that matter.

All in all, this time around, I got myself 6 CD's. Most of what I buy are time pieces, that is albums based on my youthful years way back when. I never had a big selection back then of albums, by my CED collection is growing slowly but surely. I would guess I have about 80 to 90 or maybe 100 by now. As it turns out, most of the music I like very much is from back then, but certainly not all of it (back then would be the late 60s, through the seventies, maybe abit into the 80s. Keeping with that these are the other CD's I just picked up:

Blue Oyster Cult - Agents Of Fortune

Joe Cocker - Ultimate Colection

The Doors - Watiting For The Sun

The Moody Blues - Days Of Future Passed

The New Riders Of The Purple Sage - The Best of...

A more contemporary work I also received in the same order was:

Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway

Thanks to my having joined a music club, I will be listening to good tunes all day today. The BMG Musisc Service membership is a pretty good deal, and I have pretty much bought almost all of my CDs through them over about the past 4 years or so. Mind you, they are only really a good deal when you can get album/CDs on sale at a great price, with free shipping, or when you get the CDs at a lowball price with shipping added. These 6 CD's cost me about $39.00. So about $6.50 each with shipping and tax included. I don't think I could get anywhere close at my local CD joint.

Oh well, so much for the blog, I have to pay attention to Spanish Caravan which at 2:58 is way too short. Then maybe a little Joe Cocker, followed by Kelly Clarkson - all before dinner...

All the best,
Glenn B