Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Gone Hunting...

 ...that's house hunting not turkey or pig hunting. Or should say, I am going hunting. Not going to say exactly where I'll be but I have seen some nice houses advertised, some with acreage up to 20 acres or so for well under 200K. Seen some others around $140 with very little land but nice enough to consider buying and then going out to buy 20 to 50 acres of land nearby. 

I'd rather pay off a mortgage than pay rent. I most certainly am not looking forward to another rent increase in August when my lease is up. I also am not looking forward to remaining in my current apartment complex as it not all that great and I think will soon get worse. Yes, they are doing renovations to some extent but they are being done haphazard at best and too little too late to suit me. Even if the landlords renovated everything here and made it look nice, it would only be for the sort term because many of the tenants here, not all mind you but many, are absolute slobs and have no respect for their neighbors or for the property.

Time will tell if I buy a house or not but I had best be fast before Biden devalues the U.S. $ by printing more and more of them and causing massive inflation. Prices going up more and more and more due to anticipated inflation, as they already have been over the past few months already, and the belief this place is headed further downhill has me sick & tired of paying rent to live in what fast is heading toward becoming a slum. No matter how much they fix it, I think the tenants will turn it into one. I'd prefer to be the lord & master of my own house and land than pay rent to a slumlord. I can only hope at least some of the houses I am targeting have cable TV and high speed Internet available. Please wish me luck on they hunt.

All the best,
Glenn B