Monday, January 18, 2010

I Met Some Other Shooters/Bloggers Today...

...and that made for a rather nice ending to an otherwise mediocre weekend. Despite having a 4 day weekend, I did not get to go out and do a whole lot. We have been severely restricted in how far we can drive our assigned vehicles, this as opposed to the assignment I had in Tucson over the spring and early summer. So I was pretty much grounded in the Phoenix area. I made my way around a bit, went out for a few drinks on Friday night, but by myself as I seem to have lost contact with my group this weekend, got shopping done, got laundry done and other stuff like that.

I did end it all up rather nicely though. I got to meet Cap'n Bob and the Damsel. They would be Bob and Verna. Bob writes a blog by that name, see here. They were visiting in the AZ area from California. When we realized I would be out here and they would be here in the area at the same time, we decided to try to get together for lunch or dinner. As it turned out they were nearby today, so we planned for lunch. I don't think any of us exactly enjoyed the food, we ate at some fast food Mexican place, but In have to say the company was great. I have always enjoyed Bob's writing on the blog, and as I have come to discover Verna's pictures of flowers that they post there. Of course, we also blog about a mutual interest - guns. We talked about this and that today, family, our dogs and other pets, shooting and on and on for what I will guess was maybe an hour or hour and a half. I was quite happy that we met, they are the first two bloggers i have met in person, and they are very nice people at that. I hope I will be lucky enough to see them again someday, maybe we will have the opportunity to go to a range together. That would be great. Truly two very nice folks.

To see a pic of the three of us together go here. To see Bob's other blog, go to The Wandering Minstrel.

All the best,
Glenn B