Thursday, February 15, 2024

Just Got Back From Walking Skye, My mongrel...

 ...and am sitting in my living room experiencing my eardrums resonating melodically while being bathed within the purely magically musical waves and exotic voice of Carlos Santana playing 'Do You Remember Me'.

 You can lay back and allow yourself to enjoy it by listening to it here:

Hope you liked it half as much I enjoyed it. This one not quite as good guitar as Samba Pa Ti but still excellent. Samba Pa Ti is perfection.
After that you might want to give a ear or both to - now for something completely different, no not Monty Python - Jethro Tull as Ian Andersen goes solo on flute at Tampa in 1976:
 His flute fingers on the flute are as perfect as those of Santana on the strings. That piece was great, it just came up on YouTube a couple after Santana's song. As for Ian Andersen on flute, my favorite piece is Bouree. It compares favorably with Samba Pa Ti as to intensity and simply to it being perfection to my perception as I listen to it or the other.

And the last I present for your listening pleasure is - well, that is if you truly enjoy the music in a woman's voice and this one is either the most beautiful voice I have ever heard (or in 2nd place, 3rd or even maybe 4th place under only Joan Osbourne whose voice sometimes changes so much from song to song you'd think you were listening to different women, saw her in concert several years ago in a small venue in upstate NY - she was fantastic), Grace Slick (live and stoned at Woodstock, saw her in Jefferson Airplane & then again but in Jefferson Starship both times in Central Park, NYC) and Debby Harry very hot sexy babe back in the day with a fantastically fabulous voice, saw her twice with Blondie at Belmont Racetrack in Nassau County, NY, got in for like $1.50 if we got there before a certain race and had to wait around about an hour or so for the show after the races). A tough call would it be for me to pick one as best! - another song that came after Santana, 'Eye Of The Storm' sung by Natalie Merchant:
I hope all of the music has enchanted and held spellbound your psyche, as it has mine. In some future post, I hope I will remember to compare at least one song each from from the other three against one from Natalie Merchant and we can start a debate as to who sounds best. Dang it, I almost forgot Alison Krauss a beautiful lady with a beautifully passionate voice I saw her once maybe twice with Union Station as back-up for Willie Nelson and once I seem to remember also as back-up for Charlie Daniels, Stevie Nicks gorgeous and one hell of a sultry (meanings 1a & 2a&b) voice, Janis Joplin maybe not a beautiful looking babe but her voice was powerful & vibrantly outstanding and Neena in her native tongue, a truly exquisite voice has she! Later for them and 4 U!
All the Best,
Glenn B