Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Guns For The 5th Annual Northeast Bloggershoot

Being I am now getting my full pension payments, as of August 1st, I decided to splurge and I ordered some ammo from Cheaperthandirt just a few days ago. It arrived today, just three days after ordering it. It is merely a little bit, 100 rounds of .45 ACP and 40 rounds of 8mm Mauser , to supplement what I already had in the ammo locker. The reason I say I splurged is that, about 2 weeks ago, in anticipation of my first full pension check, I also bought 500 rounds of 5.56x45 and 500 rounds of 7.62x39, that order from the Sportsmandguide. I'll really have to watch my future spending because after all, while it is my full pension check that I am getting now, and while a good one, it it certainly does not amount to my full paycheck of my pre-retirement days. The added bit of ammo, that I received today, made the bite out of my available cash a bit larger than I should have allowed. I guess, I will need to be more frugal in the future and only spend money on ammo that I have saved up after all the bills have been paid and after some money has been put away into savings. For now though, I had a reason to buy the ammo and it was not just to spend some of my first full pension check on ammo. It was to have enough of certain calibers of ammo for the Northeast Bloggershoot this weekend.

I have pretty much whittled down the possibles list to about 4 pistols and about 6 long arms to bring along now that I have enough ammo for them all and now that I have checked with the authorities in MA about transport through the state. Transporting my pistols under the LEOSA act should not be a problem, nor should transporting my AK47 (Romanian WASR) in locked gun cases in the locked trunk of my car. Out shotguns were never an issue as far as a possible problem was concerned nor were my Yugo Mauser or my Nagants. So, here is what I figure to bring along (list still subject to change as I do not want to drag along too many):

Glock 26
Beretta 92FS
Beretta 70S (or Ruger MKII)
Remington R1-1911

Romanian AK (7.62x39) (almost definite)
Yugo Mauser M24/47 (8mm Mauser)
Marlin 336 (.35 Remington)
Marlin 25MN (.22 WMR) (almost definite)
Mosin Nagant 91/30 (7.62x39)

Remington 870 (maybe and maybe not)
Mossberg 500 (probably)

There is a good chance that the list will get a bit smaller mostly because of limited trunk space and because I have a limited number of gun cases and only one full sized one for rifles. The shotguns can go into a shorter case, so too can the AK. That means only bringing 2 out of 4 of the other long guns listed, the: Marlin 336, the Marlin 25MN, the Mauser and the Nagant. Since I also am pretty certain that the Marlin 25MN will be brought along, as an easy on my shoulder gun, I still have to pick 1 out of the other 3 remaining rifles. I'll see what Brendan thinks about it and probably go with whatever he chooses from his. I am guessing the Mauser or 336. I am also going to ask what he thinks about the shotguns. If he does not want to shoot it, I may not bring the 870 since my right shoulder is on the mend after a long bout of creaking, cracking and pain. I am sure the rifles will be more than enough to chance me having the pain return and I do not need to tempt fate even more by shooting the 870 (except maybe with reduced recoil rounds, but I may not have too many of them).

Of course, Brendan may have different plans on what to bring along as far as the long arms go. I have to track him down and discuss it, maybe over a cold one (no gun handling, just gun discussion, if we are imbibing). Decisions, decisions, decisions but at least now we will have enough ammo for all of them because of the recent ammo orders. By the way, if all of that made sense to you, I guess I am not quite as confused as I have been feeling over deciding on our choices for the Bloggershoot.

All the best,
Glenn B