Thursday, December 2, 2021

I Officially Am An Old Fart

I applied for Social Security benefits and Medicare Part B today. I applied for part A last year but held off on Part B because I could not get anyone at the Social Security office or at Medicare to contact me to give me information about Part B. Taking it now though after having learned some more about it by other means. 

My Social Security will be reduced drastically because of the federal Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP). In essence, because I am a federal retiree receiving a federal pension, my Social Security benefits get pillaged by the government regardless of the fact that I paid into Social Security when I had employment before and after my government civil service. 
While others, who do not receive federal pensions get the regular SS benefit based on what they contributed - federal retirees do not because their amount is greatly reduced by WEP. Somehow the government thinks we (government retirees) are receiving a windfall because we get a pension and social security. Well, if you receive a pension from private company and also get Social Security - your social Security is not reduced by WEP. You paid in and you get back the regular full amount due you from SS. I do not see why their should be a difference between us but there is a big difference.
Somehow the government twists this for federal retirees and they screw us over and reduce our SS payments even though we paid into it (while employed in other than government jobs either before federal employment, during it or after it) like anyone else who has enough private sector quarters. Screw the government. Anyway, I just hope that my SS benefit will cover the cost of the Medicare Part B.

All the best,
Glenn B