Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Ripped By Explosions

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My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims. My hopes are that they catch and swiftly execute the bastard(s) who did it; hopefully in a hail of bullets as he, she or they resist arrest.

All the best,
Glenn B

Time To Party - My Tax Returns Have Been Filed

The partying may not be the type you would expect wen someone else says time to party. I don't mean that I am about to run out and celebrate the fact that I owed the feds just under $700 nor that I am getting back over two grand from the state. (Wow, did I overpay my taxes for them.) What I am thinking of doing is joining the Tea Party or the Libertarian party and fighting ever harder for tax reform that does not equate to higher taxes for working class stiffs like me but does equate to less, as in MUCH less, government spending on and payments to assholes who refuse to work and pay taxes. I would love to see a flat rate income tax for everyone - somewhere between 5 to 10% - no deductions, no credits, no exclusions. You get income from anywhere you pay an absolute flat rate tax and that would include income from welfare.

I may yet have to amend these returns once all of the work has been done and paid for and once the insurance payments have been made for the damages to my home from Super Storm Sandy. I did not make any claims for losses and do not think I will be eligible to since I have replacement cost but all the damage has not yet been fixed or covered by the insurance company so time will tell. I can always amend the returns, well always within the next 3 years but anyway, I think that would all go on my 2013 tax forms because all the work on the damages, and thus all my payments for them, and also all of insurance payments are in this year and were not in last year. I have to check on that but not before everything has been fixed and paid for by me and the insurance benefits assigned.
Now, back to the party thing: I suppose, I could also party in the regular sense of the word in that, when it comes right down to it, I owed the feds around $700 instead of the $850 I had first thought I owed them. I did some checking with my state and found out my federal tax liability on my state tax refund from last year was lower than I had thought. I also found a couple of cash donations I had forgotten to include on the returns the first time I filled them out. I guess it literally pays, or saves one some money, by double checking. I am happy I did so.

As for waiting until April 15th to file my taxes, I do not think I have ever waited that long before. I usually file pretty early. I hope that NY State will have a budget and be able to pay me what they owe me, that needs to go right into the bank; well, maybe I'll use a little for the parties - a small; donation to the Libertarian or Tea parties and a little donation to my party.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Bug Out King - The North Woods Hermit

Imagine spending 27 years or so living in the woods of Maine and having only a single interaction during which you spoke to another human being in all that time. Then imagine that said interaction was a single word - hello. That was the reported life of Christopher Knight, the alleged North Pond Hermit, a man who lived in the woods of Maine for all that time after pretty much vanishing off the face of the earth at age 19 in 1986. There are lots of videos out there about him, his camp and how law enforcement finally caught him and there are sure to be more.

Here is a video, followed by some links to more videos and to articles about him. If all of this is true, he may well have earned the title of: The Bug Out King. I can see it now, in this day of preppers and people fearing Armageddon, not only is an autobiography forthcoming but so too are at least a few how to bug out guides. Amazingly enough, he said the last major event he remembered hearing about, before bugging out, was Chernobyl.

Yes folks, The Bug Out King  is now facing $250,000 bail and the possibility of being charged with about 1,000 burglaries. My bet though is he gets off with a slap on the wrist and then makes millions selling his story from which, of course, he will pay restitution. Maybe then, with some of the rest of the money, he will buy himself a large house in which to live the rest of his days.

All the best,
Glenn B