Monday, July 18, 2016

Some Handicapped Folks Seem To Have A Lot Of Free Time...

... well, at least one of them or one of their supporters seems to have had some time to spare.

I guess he was parked in a handicapped zone.

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That Trump Picked Pence As His Running Mate...

...has me hopeful that Donald Trump truly has changed his stance on gun control versus the Right To Keep and Bear Arms. Mike Pence has a strong record in his support for the RKBA as can be seen on the page at this link:

Trump is looking better as each day goes by. I can only hope that he announces, should he be elected, he will be picking Newt Gingrich as his Secretary of War Defense or at least as Secretary of State.

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Glenn B

A Donation Was Long Overdue...

...but I made up for that today with one to Trump Campaign. It was not all that much, just a hundred bucks for now but I figure to give more over the next few months and hopefully will multiply the amount I gave today by 4 or 5 before it is all over. 

Anyway, if you are in the Trump camp, why not make a donation to help assure that he proverbially slays the beast known as Crooked Hillary. She most assuredly must be one of the Six Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yeah, I realize that in the bible there were only the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse but I figure that Clinton and her running mate are numbers 5 and 6 in that regard.

By the way, if you are one of the so called Republicans who say that Trump does not stand for what your party has stood for but yet supported Cruz you are a hypocrite because Cruz also was not in line with what your party stood for. The truth is that over at least the past two decades, the Republican party has been full of those who bowed down to kiss the arses of leftists and liberals and that was especially true during the past 7 years. Cruz was hated almost as much as was trump by the so called leaders of the RNC. The fact is that the voters within the Republican Party overwhelmingly voted to nominate Donald J. Trump for the reason that he does not sing the same old song as the RINOs have been singing for years. He sings a song that politicians in both major parties sang once upon a time - one about making America great. Sadly, neither the Democrats nor the mainstream Republicans of today sing that song anymore. Anything is better than them. I would have voted for Sanders had he run as a Republican against Clinton before voting for the likes of Kasich or Romney (remember some of you wanted to oust Trump and force in this boob) or Rubio or Bush or Christie (hugger and arse licker of Obama) or Fiorina or Santorum because at least he seemingly had some principles (until he caved to Hillary). Cruz - he was okay in my book and I even preferred him to Trump but he just could not light the fire and keep it burning in the hearts and minds of Americans who want to rid out government of weak kneed politicians who waffle back and forth like Boehner (imagine he calls himself Bayner and not Boner as would be the usual pronunciation, he is such a wussy) in the House or his pansy colleague McConnell in the Senate. And what about the boy wonder Paul Ryan kissing the libs' and Obama's arses as soon as he got into power! What a great bunch of RINOs we have had and continue to have in office and you guys oppose the man who wants to truly change all that! So, I am voting and donating to the Trump/Pence team; I not only want them to challenge the RINOs but to bring them down.

Now, for those of you worried that Trump may be a liberal, you should watch and listen to him at sources like YouTube and others. He espoused many conservative principles over the years regardless of how the media and the RINOs like to portray him. He was not a hard core conservative because yes he had some liberal leanings over the years but I am guessing he has changed with the times. Others have done likewise. In fact one of the best did it.

I remember that the greatest president of my lifetime, to date, had been an avowed Liberal and a Democrat in political office. He changed over to becoming a Republican and when he ran for the presidency, he twice had just about the highest amount of votes ever in the elections. Funny how his own party members doubted him back then when he first ran for the presidency saying much the same you say about Trump now with their fears of Reagan being a liberal and the leftists and liberals all said he was essentially a war monger who would start World War III. Yet, the people (as in the voters) overwhelmingly twice elected Ronald W. Reagan into office and they got it right when they did so - he was excellent for America and a true patriot. I believe Trump is also a true patriot and I hope he too will be excellent for America. So yes, I am voting for Trump because I believe he is the one who will make America great again!

All he best,
Glenn B

He Is One Bad Assed Man...

...even though my guess is that he does not think so about himself. To say that he was brave, even courageous, under conditions that would have made most other men flee is a gross understatement. He was more than that, he was and remains a true American hero, or should I say he was an under-acknowledged hero at least until today. He acted with bravery and unselfishness, in fact with true heroism, in May 1967 when, at the Song Tra Cau riverbed, he flew in reinforcements and supplies to U.S. troops pinned down in a raging battle zone and then flew out wounded troops. Despite his helicopter being hit, he remained until all troops and equipment were offloaded and until as many wounded as could fit were loaded onto his Huey. He returned to base, offloaded the wounded, took on more supplies and then repeated the same trip. That second time, he landed right in the middle of enemy fire. His gunner was severely wounded and his Huey was badly damaged. He was again able to offload completely and load up with wounded troops and despite his helicopter having been badly damaged he made it back to base. 

Later in the day, he again volunteered to make the same trip yet a third time. He took the last remaining flyable helicopter in his unit and accompanied by 5 other evacuation helicopters from other units he returned to the same battle zone. They were going in to retrieve the 40 remaining troops and a crew of 4 from a downed helicopter from earlier in the day. They were supported by Army gunships.

At the battle zone, he was informed by another pilot that all of the troops had been loaded onto the helicopters and they departed the area. While in flight back to their base and relative safety, he was informed there were still 8 soldiers who had not made it onto the evacuation ships. He relinquished command of the evacuation to another pilot and turned his Huey back toward the fray. Without any support at all from gunships, he landed his lone helicopter in the midst of the battle zone once again and immediately came under very heavy enemy fire. His helicopter was, in essence, all the enemy had to fire upon. It took heavy fire and sustained heavy damage including from a mortar round that damaged the helicopter badly with damage to the main rotor and tail boom among other areas. Despite that, he was able to maintain the stability needed to load the 8 soldiers aboard. Then, regardless of the damage to the aircraft, he somehow maneuvered through the enemy fire and returned to the relative safety of their base (source).

That he did it once was brave, that he did it twice was courageous and both times with air support. That he did it a third time and alone - with no support at all - was truly heroic and far above and beyond the call of duty. How he only received the Distinguished Service Cross back then seems almost unfathomable. Today though, about 49 years after his actions, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Kettles (U.S. Army, Ret.) received our nation's highest distinction, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during that resupply and evacuation mission during that battle in the Vietnam War in May 1967 (source). I think it was an honor long overdue for one bad assed man among men. Even though I think him bad assed and a hero, Lt. Col. Kettles appears to be quite humble about it all. In fact, he said that the medal was not his but belonged to the other pilots and crew members who had been involved that day: "I didn't do it by myself. There were some 74 pilots and crew members involved in this whole mission that day, so it's not just me," (source).

Kettles has been quoted as saying something about that day that also tells a lot about himself: “We got the 44 out. None of those names appear on the wall in Washington. There's nothing more important than that.” While he says we, instead of referring only to himself (as all to often does the president who hung the medal from his neck) the thing is, when doom imminently was upon the last eight men stranded on the ground, it was Kettles alone who turned his helicopter back. He flew into the face of almost certain death to save them and he did so without air, artillery or ground support. Yes, I think, it is him who deserved that medal more than anyone that day! Americans should honor him and be proud that we have men like him among us.

All the best,
Glenn B