Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ford Taurus For Sale SOLD...

...and it sold to the first person who came to look at it. That made me quite the happy camper yesterday. I asked for a decent price and I accepted 90% of what I was asking as the selling price. A cash money sale, what could be better than that.

Craiglist is not such a bad thing after all. I put an ad on Craiglist late yesterday afternoon. I got about 6 phone calls and a couple of emails yesterday, and the person who bought the car was the 2nd person to call me on the phone and the only person to come look at it today. I guess the fact that we maintained the car pretty well was a big selling point. No major dings, dents, scratches and it ran just fine. Some minor things needed to be fixed like a loose door panel and maybe a squeaking belt (only squeaked when the car was started cold and only one quick squeak at that).

The car will be missed, heck we have owned it since December 1996. It was a good family sized car and reliable transportation for whatever duty it needed to fulfill be it a trip to the grocery store, a back and forth to school, or a cross country trip down to Virginia. It made many a trip to upstate NY for hunting and fishing trips that is for sure. I won't miss it all that much I suppose but I think Brendan may miss it a bit more even though we now have the new Hyundai and still have the old Corolla. Quite some years ago he started calling it the boat. For some reason it gave that kind of impression of itself and I suppose that compared to the Mazda 323 that we used to have and then to the Corolla it seemed like a pretty huge boat at that.

I can only hope it gives the new owner a couple to a few years of reliable transportation and I imagine that if they perform regular maintenance as it should be done then the car will last at least that long.

All the best,
Glenn B